Who's your movie date?

Pick your type from this month’s leading men

  • With MJ dance moves and spandex costumes, this month’s leading men will find a way to sweep you off your musty theatre seat. And if artificial intelligence – which looks and sounds exactly like Johnny Depp – makes you drool into your popcorn, we’re not judging. 


    Varun Dhawan’s pelvic-thrusting, nipple-twitching protagonist in Main Tera Hero is perfect if you crave high-octane love, and want to be wooed to within an inch of your life.


    Love him for his mind, only his mind – because Johnny Depp’s artificial intelligence researcher in Transcendence evades death by storing his consciousness in a computer. Couldn’t be much different than Skype dating, could it?


    Think Chetan Bhagat with a six-pack and you have the Arjun Kapoor of 2 States – and possibly the beefiest man to set foot on an IIT campus. If the character has any of Bhagat’s fortune, your boy is a mediocre sensation in the making.




    Chris Evans – with steelier armour – stars in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, where he duels, that's right, the Winter Soldier, a Soviet agent. Buff, with hair like the sun and preening with a Messiah complex. Think what nice selfies you’ll make together.