Alia Bhatt's lust-inducing look is a godsend for short girls

How to magically add inches to your frame

Diminutive Alia Bhatt posing for photographs next to leggy Katrina Kaif is every short girl-tall bestie problem summed up in one photo. So can your outfit magically add those inches to your petite frame that Mother Nature didn't? Alia has this down to a science. 

Exhibit A: A figure-hugging pencil skirt (this one's from Zara) with bright shiny vertical stripes that create the illusion of length, while also slimming the body. Toss in a thigh-high slit and you've basically mastered the cheat sheet to supermodel legs. 

Alia Bhatt Katrina Kaif

Exhibit B: Alia's ankle-strap heels keep most of her foot exposed, which in turn creates a longer line for the eye to follow. The only way she could have improved on this look -- specifically to make herself seem taller -- was if she had chosen a pair of nude sandals or pumps to blend in with her skin tone and seamlessly complete the visual trickery. 

So how's Alia feeling about her look? We think that Edie Parker clutch pretty much sums it up...

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