5 Sri Lankan fashion labels to look out for

Bungalow 8 and PR Sri Lanka are bringing the best of Sri Lankan fashion to Mumbai

Bungalow 8 founder Maithli Ahluwalia’s chance encounter with Annika Fernando in Sri Lanka has led to the collaboration of easy Mumbai and Colombo styles in a 3-day pop up event.

Annika is the founder of PR, a fashion concept similar to Mumbai’s Bungalow 8, where designer items are expertly curated, reflecting their signature style. The synergy in the concept has culminated in the launch of the pop-up event where designers from Sri Lanka will exhibit their work and give us a taste of the burgeoning Sri Lankan fashion scene. "In Sri Lanka we are so used to different levels of Indian fashion coming to our shores in stores, with festivals and so on. The reverse is not as common. Even if it has been done, to do it with a partner like Bungalow 8 has meant that we are not just throwing designer clothes on a rack, we have opportunity to offer an experience," says Annika on the collaboration.

You can expect designers and labels like Sonali Dharmawardena, who uses traditional batik and gives it an unexpected spin or KUR, that evokes old Ceylon with handmade Dutch Lace in breezy silhouettes. Then there’s Annika’s sister’s Papillon du thé , a jewellery brand that is chic modern, with a hat tip to the traditional Kandyan dancers, among others. 

Before you head over to the pop-up, here’s a quick review of some of the names you can spot there:

The Bungalow Eight – Annika Fernando exhibit will be held at Bungalow 8’s store inside Wankhede Stadium, North Stand E & F Block, D Road, Churchgate, Mumbai, from Friday 31st March-2nd April. For more information, write in to