Deepika Padukone shows you how to style your favourite dress for colder weather

Transitional wardrobe for the win

Deepika Padukone spends half her life on a plane jet-setting between different time zones, so you know the Bollywood actress is a dab hand at repurposing her wardrobe to suit the occasion/climate/time of day. And just like you, she's not about to let the cooler winds of November deter her from wearing her favourite summer dress. So what does Deepika do? Unbutton the front of the dress to turn it into a floor-length jacket, throw on a pair of distressed jeans and call it a day. 

Deepika padukone airport

Wearing dresses over pants is a trend we've seen more and more of among the fashionable members of the movie industry and its benefits are two-fold. Forgot to shave your legs? Dresses aren't off limits wit this styling trick. It also combines the dramatic appeal of a full-length dress with the practicality of a T-shirt-and-jeans look, which is perfect for those lazy days when you really don't want to be spending too much time figuring out what to wear.

No wonder Jacqueline Fernandez, Alia Bhatt and Anushka Sharma are all card-carrying members of Deepika's dress-over-pants club.  

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