Louis Vuitton goes street

The luxury label collaborates with urban artists

  • Louis Vuitton pulls an artful hat-trick and for the third consecutive season, collaborates with creative minds from across the globe. The iconic Louis Vuitton scarf becomes the canvas for three urban artists who apply their signature street-art motifs to the fabric. New York-based Kenny Scharf brings lowbrow pop-surrealism to high fashion in the form of an intricate galaxy print while INTI taps into her South American lineage using warm, summery shades and ancient symbols to outline the Andean sun god. French artist André takes the playful approach, imprinting on the square his quirky creation ‘Mr. A’ – with asymmetrical eyes in pastel hues. Plus, Stephen Sprouse’s leopard-print stoles get a spray-painted Spring/Summer 2014 makeover in bright fuchsia and coral. These scarves aren’t just wrap-ups – think of them as conversation-starters.

    “I think wearing a ‘work’ like this is an interesting idea. I love that graphic designs have a function that goes far beyond mere decoration”

    “The challenging part was trying to figure out which design to choose. I finally went with a pop-surrealism interpretation of a cosmic journey”


    “I really wanted to treat the scarf as a canvas, to create a painting that you can wear around your neck – and it keeps you warm!”