This is the fashion world's current favourite statement piece

Clue: It's the widely-used four-letter word

When Maria Grazia Chiuri sent models down the runway for Dior's Spring 2017 show wearing T-shirts that read "We Should All Be Feminists," it sparked a revolution in the fashion fraternity. Clothes were being used as a medium to voice political statements — statements that soon became trendy to sport. And now, the focus of slogans has shifted slightly to become more universal. Meet fashion's favourite statement piece: Love.

Love — a word that's genderless, ageless and colourless — has become symbolic of unity. It's the only word that can bring together a diverse group of people — and given the current circumstances, inclusion is the smartest solution to embrace. Take it from designers like Stella McCartney, Ashish, Versace and Prabal Gurung who are way ahead of the curve with their collections. While Stella has "All Is Love" printed in bold graphics that trail down the seams of jackets, jumpers and skirts, Ashish's FW17 and SS17 collections features slogans like "Love Sees No Colour", "University In Adversity", "Love And Devotion."

Stella McCartney All Is Love
Stella McCartney's All Is Love capsule collection. Picture courtesy: Stella McCartney

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Versace's FW17 collection's central point was diversity, strength and individuality with an aim to empower the female mind and body. All ensembles were emblazoned with positive words like "Love", "Loyalty", "Courage" and "Equality". Prabal Gurung, an outspoken feminist, went with "Love Is Love".

Versace FW17 2Versace FW17 1
Versace's FW17 collection. Picture courtesy: Versace

Then there are designers like Céline who may not be inscribing their garments with words, but are resonating the same sentiment with underlying messages that are loud and clear for those who're paying attention. For her SS18 collection, Phoebe Philo revealed her inspiration in an interview: "I wanted to be optimistic. It was just this sense of joy and life force. It felt like a celebration. I thought, If there’s anything to say at the moment, let it be with love and let it be joyful."

Positivity, equality, empowerment — these are the messages that fashion is becoming imbued with. And the superlative of all these words? Love.

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