Tracing the journey of the iconic Fendi logo

From 1965 to 2018

Conceptualised in 1965 by creative director Karl Lagerfeld, Fendi’s double-F logo was initially seen only in the internal linings of luxury trunks. But just a few lines later, the signature took centre stage due to its distinguished look, and was splashed across the brand’s clothing, bags and accessories.

Over the years, along with cultural shifts and moods, the FF logo has undergone many reinterpretations — from feeding the logomania of the ’80s with bold rectangular and colour-blocked versions to its tasteful concealment within geometric patterns in the ’90s. But it has never ceased to be the focal point of Fendi’s work.

The latest FF capsule collection revives the 1974 squared FF logo in an all-over fabric. It comprises streetwear-inspired parkas, hoodies and accessories, all emblazoned with the logo in classic tones of deep black and pipe-tobacco. There are a few pieces in black and white for monochrome lovers. In keeping with the Insta zeitgeist, as always, the range retailed exclusively on a month prior to its launch on May 14 and is now available at select Fendi boutiques worldwide.

A timeline of the iconic Fendi logo: