A home just for silk scarves? Yes please, Hermès!

The Mumbai store is hosting a week-long exhibition of silk scarves

Late last year, Hermès launched a virtual home for their silk scarves – La Maison des Carrés. And now you can visit this home IRL. The Hermès store in Mumbai is hosting a week-long exhibition of their famed silk scarves, and essentially converting this into La Maison des Carrés. 

If you were running out of ideas on what to do with yours, now would be a great time to pop into the store. They’ve got videos running on various ways to wear them, and different kinds of belts you can fashion out of them. (Did you know there’s more than one way to wear a scarf as a top?) Plus, there’s a bunch of cards laid out to get more inspo.

Even if you’re just stopping by for a quick look, try them on for size, hell even get your photos taken. Or even get some temporary tattoos (how would you like your initials in animal shapes?). Or doodle into a Maison. Much fun.

La Maison des Carrés is on till April 17, at Hermès, G-1 & 1st Floor, Bharat Insurance Building, 15A Horniman Circle Garden, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai. Tel: 022 2271 7400