Deepika Padukone's fashion label reminds us what true beauty is all about

by elle team

At a time when fashion is becomingly increasingly focused on hyped-up glamour and airbrushed perfection celebrities, it's refreshing to see a brand — fronted by Deepika Padukone, no less — turn the spotlight back onto real women. 

The All About You by Deepika Padukone campaign features three young women who present a welcome change to the conformist standards of beauty assailing you from every billboard, movie poster and music video. With their irreverent curls, beautiful bronze skin and quick smiles, these 'real women' dressed in fashion-forward styles from All About You are a reminder that "beauty is an expression, it has nothing to do with physical features."

Or as we hear in the video, "When I accept myself and love myself, that's when I'm most beautiful." 

Word to the wise.