How to take care of your expensive party wear

We called in the big guns to tell you what you’re doing wrong

Hitting the town on the weekend may do wonders for your Instagram follower count, but dealing with the fallout the next morning? Not so much. And while you may still make it in time for that early morning meeting by some mercy of the traffic gods, your fancy party wear will need more than paracetamol to get rid of the hangover.

A little heartbroken from watching our expensive splurges fray after the first wear, we called  on designer Amit Aggarwal who got to the bottom of the mystery. In nine cases out of 10, you manage to evade all the wine spills with ninja-like dexterity, but improper storage rings the death knell for your fragile party gear. (Yes, we made that statistic up) Maximize the life span of your evening wear by making these delicate fabrics work as hard as you do.