7 statement bags we'd totally steal from Sonam Kapoor

...and do the jail time too. No regrets.

Thanks to the brilliant promotional blitz around the 2010 movie Aisha, a lot has been said and written about Sonam Kapoor’s love affair with all things Dior. But when it comes to statement-making handbags, the lady doesn’t discriminate. From the usual suspects (think Hermès Birkins for days) to daintier finds from Chloé and Mark Cross, Sonam’s bag wardrobe has space for everyone. Although we are pretty sure that the only way she can fit them all in one place is by renting a separate temperature-controlled housing unit. 

While we set our in-house Sherlock Holmes and his understudy to work on investigating that particular theory, here are all the statement bags that we'd love to 'borrow' from the fashion fiend.

Meet the superstars of Sonam Kapoor's bag closet