Street Style

Street style: Amazon India Fashion Week Spring/Summer '17 Day 4 & 5

Who wore what to Amazon India Fashion Week

  • The fashion folks at AIFW on day four and five brought their A-game when it came to stepping up a notch with their style. We've rounded up some of the best looks. Until next time! 

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    Photographs: Nayantara Parikh


  • Anahita Dhondy, Chef, Soda Bottle Opener Wala

    Cotton dress, Jodi. Leather shoes, New Look. Canvas bag, metal necklace, both; thrifted

  • Tania Fadte, Fashion Designer

    Cotton Jumpsuit, Mogachea. Canvas shoes, Bata. Bamboo bag, thrifted

  • Zina Singh, Fashion and lifestyle blogger

    Jersey top, Hemant & Nandita. Cotton pants, leather shoes, both; Topshop. Leather bag, Tory Burch

  • Bhavana Malhotra, Writer

    Cotton dress, Nicobar. Leather shoes, canvas bag, both; thrifted, 

  • Erica Almeida, Model

    Cotton top, jeans, both; H&M. Velvet jacket, Marlene. Leather shoes, Nike. Metal sunglasses, thrifted

  • Sonam Rai, Fashion student

    Jersey Dress, leather bag, both; Zara. Patent leather heels, Acetate sunglasses, Ray-Ban. Lace choker, Claire’s

  • Zoya Singh, Fashion and lifestyle blogger

    Polyester dress, Pallavi Mohan. Leather shoes, Topshop. Leather bag, Chloe. Cotton scarf, péro by Aneeth Arora. Metal necklace, Lulu Sky

  • Shruti Bhardwaj, Fashion Designer

    Cotton top, pants, Bias India. Leather shoes, Action

  • Ruchika Sachdeva, Fashion Designer

    Cotton dress, pants, both; Bodice. Leather shoes, thrifted

  • Mridu Mehra, Fashion Designer

    Cotton dress, pants, metal necklace, ring, all; Bias India. Canvas shoes, Converse. Leather bag, thrifted

  • Smridhi Sibal, Stylist

    Cotton top, pants, both; H&M. Leather bag, Dhruv Kapoor. Leather shoes, Nine West

  • Alexa Curlie, Model

    Denim jacket, cotton top, skirt, leather shoes, all; Forever 21

  • Tanieya Khanuja, Designer

    Cotton top, pants, leather shoes, all; Tanieya Khanuja. Leather bag, Gucci

  • Aien Jamir, Blogger

    Cotton dress, pants, both; thrifted. Leather shoes, Suede hat, Clarie’s

  • Lavanya Grover, Student

    Polyester top, denim shorts, both; Zara. Leather shoes, Adidas. Leather bag, H&M. Acetate sunglasses, Blur

  • Anshul Pratap, Stylist/ Designer

    Cotton shirt, thrifted. Leather shoes, Bata 

  • Varun Singhania, Blogger

    Cotton pants, H&M. Leather shoes, suede hat, Zara

  • Prabhleen Kaur, Creative Director, Nor Black, Nor White

    Cotton dress, Nor Black Nor White. Leather shoes, Reebok. Leather bag, Primark. Metal sunglasses, thrifted