12 stylish hoodies and sweatshirts for women that will have you at optimum Hygge

Who says you can't replicate that warm fuzzy feeling?

Ladies, it's sweater weather, which means whether you're lounging indoors or stepping outside, the weather demands you be at your comfortable best. Wrap yourself up in fuzzy goodness because nothing is snugger (and sexier, right now) than these stylish hoodies and sweatshirts for women. 

Forget about stealing his shapeless winter wear, we've put together a list of cuddly sweaters, boyfriend hoodies and belted wraps that are stupidly cosy. Like this cable knit cardigan from Maison Margiela that demands to be taken on a holiday to Paris. Or the Kenzo eye sweater that fashion insiders will be able to identify from a mile away. You might be torn though between hibernating in your wooly cocoon (like that Forever 21 zebra onesie that you'll have to pry us out of with a crowbar) or heading out and showing off your hygge-wear.

If there's one thing Kareena Kapoor Khan and company have shown us, it's that being all covered up doesn't mean you can't still be sexy...

12 stylish hoodies and sweatshirts for women to cosy up in