20 most stylish men in the country right now

Decoding their fashion sense

  • From eclectic to elegant, these men are no less than geniuses when it comes to their sartorial choices. Here's our official guide to the 20 most stylish men in the country right now:

    Rajesh Pratap Singh, 47, Designer

    Calm and minimal, Singh’s personal style matches his unflappable personality.

    Handmade indigo shirt, silk blend jacket; both Rajesh Pratap Singh.

  • Elton Fernandez,35, Hair and Make-Up Artist

    Quintessentially street, super comfy and always fun are the guidelines Fernandez lives by.

    Nikhil D, 30, Design Consultant and Stylist

    Customised, old, borrowed and multipurpose pieces are what you’ll find in Nikhil’s wardrobe.

    On Fernandez: Woven jacket, H&M Studio. Cotton trousers, Rishta by Arjun Saluja. Leather boots, Fernandez’s own.

    On Nikhil: Wool T-shirt, H&M. Denim jacket and jeans; both Rajesh Pratap Singh. Leather shoes, Gucci

  • Pranav Kirti Mishra,32 Designer

    Style chameleon Mishra can go from ’80s pop star to minimal Stockholm in minutes.

    Dhruv Kapoor,28, Designer

    For Kapoor, basic equals boring. Like his designs, his fashion sense is determined by a healthy dose of eccentricity.

    Ujjawal Dubey,29, Designer

    Easy, comfortable and raw, Dubey believes in maintaining a certain fluidity when it comes to dressing.

    On Mishra: Satin shirt, poly blend trousers, leather jacket; all Huemn. Leather shoes, Dior.

    On Kapoor: Polyester bomber jacket, Gucci. Cotton trousers, Dhruv Kapoor. Leather shoes, Prada.

    On Dubey: Velvet jacket, ikat bomber; both Suket Dhir. Cotton trousers, Antar-Agni by Ujjawal Dubey. Leather shoes, Prada

  • Sunil Sethi President, FDCI

    A big fan of Indian designers, Lifetime Achievement awardee Sethi works homegrown labels with élan. 

    Double-breasted wool suit, cotton turtleneck; both Rajesh Pratap Singh. Leather sneakers, Christian Louboutin.

  • Porus Vimadalal,30, Photographer

    Refined, comfortable and always practical, Vimadalal prefers to keep it simple.

    Prayag Menon,28 ,Stylist

    His personal style mirrors his styling aesthetic—clean, restrained, relaxed.

    On Vimadalal: Wool sweater, leather belt, leather shoes; all Vimadalal’s own. Cotton blend trousers, Cord.

    On Menon: Wool sweater, Marks & Spencer. Woven trousers, Zara. Leather loafers, Steve Madden.

  • Nikhil Mansata,30, Creative Director and Stylist

    While he loves to experiment, comfort trumps quirk for Mansata.

    Woven turtleneck, Mansata’s own. Silk blazer, poly blend trousers; both Gucci. Leather shoes, Alexander McQueen

  • Arjun Saluja, 42, Designer

    He’s the best model for his own sharp, perfectly tailored designs.

    Suket Dhir, 37, Designer

    The buzz is that Dhir plans his look based on the hat he picks that day.

    On Saluja: Wool T-shirt, Zara. Silk blend jacket and trousers; both Rishta by Arjun Saluja. Leather sneakers, Saluja’s own.

    On Dhir: Cotton T-shirt, Muji. Wool blend suit, wool jacket; all Suket Dhir. Leather sneakers, adidas Originals

  • Imaad Shah, 29, Actor and Musician

    Whether he’s in jeans and a T-shirt or a three-piece suit, Shah works it all with his trademark curls.

    Cotton shirt, wool knit; both Diesel Black Gold. Cotton blend trousers, Rajesh Pratap Singh.

  • Rouhallah Gazi,29, Model

    Wondering what the term ‘lumbersexual’ means? Well, Gazi’s the poster boy.

    Ankur Tewari,39, Singer, Songwriter and Film-Maker

    Tewari’s sartorial choices evolve on a daily basis depending on the story he’s telling that day.

    Armaan Menzies,24, Musician

    All-black everything or an explosion of colour, Menzies’ ever-changing dress sense depends on his mood.

    On Gazi: Cotton blend kurta, Rajesh Pratap Singh. Cotton blend trousers, Antar-Agni by Ujjawal Dubey. Ikat bomber jacket, Nor Black Nor White. Leather shoes, Christian Louboutin.

    On Tewari: Woven shirt, David Beckham. Polyester blend jacket, leather shoes; both Zara. Cotton trousers, GAS.

    On Menzies: Wool turtleneck, Zara. Cotton silk shirt, Nor Black Nor White. Cotton trousers, Rishta by Arjun Saluja. Leather jacket, Sahil Aneja. Leather sneakers, Christian Louboutin.

  • Samir Suhag, 44, Professional Polo player

    Suhag is a stickler for impeccable fit and finish when it comes to his personal style.

    Silk blend kurta, Rajesh Pratap Singh. Polyester trousers, leather shoes; both Dior. Silk blend jacket, Philocaly.

  • Kunal Rawal, 31, Designer

    Rawal is all about the mix. Think rock-star leather boots and rugged denim paired with fun, printed kurtas.

    Cotton blend kurta, silk blend bandi jacket; both Kunal Rawal. Denim joggers, Balenciaga. Leather sneakers, All Saints.

  • Karan Jotwani,25, Actor and Writer

    With his preppy style, Jotwani embodies the quintessential boy next door.

    Cotton turtleneck, Jack & Jones. Embellished knit, woven jacket, velvet sneakers; all Ermenegildo Zegna. Cotton blend trousers, Cord.

  • Troy Costa,41, Designer

    Understated, with a subtle hint of glamour, Costa is always red-carpet ready. 

    Cotton blend shirt, poly blend suit, silk tie and pocket square; all Troy Costa. Embroidered loafers, Roberto Cavalli.

    Photographs: Ashish Shah. Styling: Kshitij Kankaria

    Hair: Jay Pawar /Truefitt & Hill; Make-Up: Anuradha Raman, Shrutika Kotadia, Ashima Kapoor (New Delhi);Production: Parul Menezes; Assisted By: Nikhil Kandhari, Khyati Busa, Saaniya Sharma (Styling)  

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