6 Easily available detox foods in India and how they work

Have an issue with gas? This spice could help

Forget about shelling out cash for an expensive juice cleanse — everything you need is probably already in your kitchen thanks to these easily available detox foods in India that are probably already in your food. But are you consuming these detox foods in the best way to get the maximum benefit out of them? Probably not.

All these ingredients and foods are readily available in your local stores and supermarkets, all you have to do is figure out your health issue and find which of these natural healers work for you. There's something for the girl battling unpleasant gas and bloating to the girl who likes to party too much.

Strike a balance to live your best life. 

We've investigated these affordable detox foods in India that flush the toxins out of your system and have your body working like a brand new Ferrari. 

The best detox foods in India:

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