7 totally gross superfoods the doctors want you to try

Stinging nettle, anyone?

Food, by its very nature, is meant to be palatable and appealing. The thought of it is meant to make your mouth water and satiate your senses when you're done devouring it. But what about gross superfoods like stinging nettle and durian that are actually healthy? 

Though the first instinct will still be to turn up your nose in disgust at the mere sound of it — and we don't blame you — the stupendous benefits of these superfoods will help change your mind. Nettle has a long history of being used in various forms — from being eaten with pizza and cakes to being used in tea, soups and surprisingly, even beer — and the reason is that it works as a blood purifier, a laxative and has high levels of vitamin C. 

Durian, on the other hand, will push you miles away from it, thanks to its pungent smell. However, it's a great source of potassium and vitamin C. Check out the gallery for more unappealing superfoods that have wonderful health benefits.

7 gross superfoods that are actually good for you: