10 common foods that are affecting your hormonal balance

Put down your coffee and listen to us

Thanks to Instagram, we all know we should get behind the #EatClean trend. And we just can't ignore the fact that we are what we eat. "Correct eating helps maintain our hormonal balance. Many foods affect our hormones positively and incorporating them into the diet is one of the easiest ways to achieve balance," says Dr Sheilja Singh, consultant internal medicine, Hinduja Healthcare Surgical, Mumbai. "Likewise, certain foods potentially contribute to hormonal woes like bloating, fatigue, hair loss and even infertility."

It's common knowledge that consuming too much alcohol, sugar and caffeine will get you into trouble with your nutritionist. But introducing superfoods like avocados, Brazil nuts and dark chocolate as well as antioxidant-rich green tea into your diet will help boost your hormonal health.

Take a look at 10 foods that affect your hormonal balance: