7 tasty ways to trick yourself into eating more vegetables and fruits

Roughage doesn't have to be rough on your tastebuds

A big heaping pile of lettuce isn’t exactly winning awards for anyone’s go-to meal anytime soon. And if your kid is sneaking broccoli off his plate into the dog’s bowl, you’ve got a problem. If you, like most people, aren’t a fan of the fibre life, we get it. But let’s be honest, the nutritional value, benefits and necessity of including greens in your diet are undisputed. And since there’s no replacement, Antonia Achache Head Chef and Co-Owner of Kitchen Garden advised ELLE on ways to trick yourself and your kids into eating more vegetables and just being overall healthier.

“Kids will naturally prefer sweet dishes or anything greasy, salty…and refuse vegetables. Their taste has to be trained,” says the F&B expert. “It’s by repeatedly trying different preparations, different vegetables, different flavours that they will eventually start liking them.”

Antonia shares three recipes from the Kitchen Garden with us: