Watch Jacqueline Fernandez pull off this super-complex backbend

You go, girl!

Fitness is a journey with no expiration date — whether you're a gym rookie or a seasoned weightlifter, you must never stop pushing your limits. And that's the exact sentiment that the super-fit actor Jacqueline Fernandez is echoing in her new fitness video where she successfully attempts a backbend followed by a forward flip.

You may recall Jacqueline pulling off some slick pole dancing moves last year that she learnt especially for A Gentleman. But in no way was that the end of her learning curve — despite being extremely fit (have you seen her toned abs?) Jacqueline is crossing all her boundaries in her prep for her upcoming movie, Race 3. "It's not about the physique, fitness for me has always been about the challenge and finally the feeling of accomplishment.. that's where the addiction lies.." she says. 

Attempting a backbend can be difficult for beginners as this is an awkward position that the back rarely encounters, but the key is to warm up your body for at least 10 minutes before you try one. And if you think it's impossible for you, let the benefits of practicing backbends inspire you — not only do they help in opening the chest and increasing your flexibility, but they also stimulate the nervous system that in turn relieves depression. Still not sure where to start? Investing in a yoga mat will get you there.

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