The Malaika Arora butt workout for girls who hate squats

Warning: This is harder than it looks

If there's one thing you learn from this Malaika Arora butt workout video, it's that the entertainer didn't get to be one of Bollywood's hottest stars without working on those curves for hours at the gym. The fitness fiend doesn't miss a day working out, doing a combination of Pilates, yoga and hitting the yoga mat to help keep her in shape.

Malaika wakes herself up every morning with a headstand — talk about commitment to a lifestyle. The Pilates junkie can be seen training a couple of times a week with Namrata Purohit, doing a series of workouts that would have anybody who doesn't regularly work out on their way to the emergency room. But when we got a sneak peek into the Malaika Arora butt workout, we were surprised that not a single squat was involved in nailing that perfect shape.

Before you breath a sigh of relief, getting that curve still requires some serious sacrifice. Malaika and Namrata work on a routine of four moves to ensure that her gluteus is at its maximus. Namrata explains that it's not just about getting the desired shape but also about engaging one of the largest muscles in the body, which helps support your lower back and core. 

Check out Malaika Arora's ultimate workout: