New photos from the Parineeti Chopra weight loss journey will inspire you to work out

The miracles of finding the right diet for your body type

When we first took notice of the Parineeti Chopra weight loss journey, the actress decided to set the record straight about why she was paying attention to the way she looked. Speaking to ELLE, she had recalled how  "a journalist said to me, you were known to be this bindaas girl who didn’t really care about her body and now you seem to have succumbed to industry pressure. And it just gave me a perspective on how somebody who doesn’t know me or doesn’t know actors, thinks.

Parineeti added, "It would have been really easy for me to starve myself and eat bland food to lose weight. But I get bored of a new diet or gym in three days.” To get a professional opinion, Chopra consulted a doctor at an Austrian detox centre. “I was eating healthy but still putting on weight, so someone recommended this doctor. I spent a couple of days there getting blood tests done to figure out which food I’m allergic to. What they do there is completely cleanse and reboot your system. Now I know which foods suit me and which ones are harder to digest (milk, eggs). I plan my meals accordingly. People ask me what I’ve given up eating, and the answer is nothing, I eat everything but I know how to balance it out now.” Alongside the new diet, she also worked on building her strength with Kalaripayattu. And she became motivated to start going to the gym again.

Three years on, the results of eating right and working out regularly are there for everybody to see. Without starving herself, Parineeti Chopra has transformed from someone "who always said, I hate the way I look, I hate that I’m fat and I really need some time to lose the weight" to someone who is the epitome of body confidence and self-assurance. 

Take a look at her newest photo from her current getaway in Australia. 

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