How Sushmita Sen got over an injury, dropped the extra weight and became insanely fit

At 42, nothing is slowing her down

There’s no denying Sushmita Sen has always been on the slimmer side. But as we all know, being thin isn’t the same as being fit. And fitness seems to be something that Sen has only made a massive priority in recent years.

The former Miss Universe has gone on record to say that after an accident on set, she was in the worst shape she’d been in all her life. A slip disc incurred while shooting for a film in 2006 left Sushmita Sen unfit to perform even the most mundane gym exercises. Sen credits her full recovery to Aerial Silk yoga.


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"Restricted from working out and doing a lot else, I ended up with tonnes of weight.”  Along with her physiotherapist, Sushmita practiced Aerial silk yoga which helped with her prodigious recovery and even challenged her to test the limits of her newfound strength. 

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AS makes use of your own body weight to help keep you suspended in the air from silk cloth while performing poses using the cloth. But it was only the gateway workout that helped her realise what her body was truly capable of:

Honestly there's no denying the results.

Sushmita’s workout routine has evolved since her initial days of Arial Silk. She now seems to be doing a combination training of martial arts, yoga, AS, dance and callisthenics.

Her daily workout seemingly takes place at her home gym, equipped with Roman rings, Pilates machines and other fancy stuff we’re ashamed (and afraid) to say we haven’t encountered.

The actress does a series of inversions and lifts using solely her body strength and weight.

While callisthetics seem to be the central theme for most of her workouts, Sushmita’s approach seems to be more holistic.The actress has also been practicing martial arts with her trainer, using props such as nunchakus in her Kalaripayattu training sessions.

Like most people in the industry, cardio is introduced into her routine by way of dance.

But also making sure her kids are active and chasing after them.

Sushmita seems to be fully invested in her fitness using it as a medium to stay disciplined and focused. Using motivational speeches to keep her pushing herself. 

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Seriously, her workout is no joke. At 42, the actress seems to be in the best shape of her life.  

Self-love aside, Sushmita is giving us some serious inspiration to hit the gym.

There's no denying that her dedication to her workout has the actress in the best shape of her life.