Quick-fix poster art

Posters that rescue even the shabbiest fixer-upper

  • So you lost your epic Christie’s bid to the crone in the turban and the 14 others that came before her. That new coat of paint at home is a dire oatmeal, rather than the pleasing fawn you were going for. And your furniture looks like it could do with some company. What you need is quick-fix poster art: easy on the pocket and easier to store. Besides, what better way to inject character into your space than with monochrome tabbies, abstract splatters, derpy messages or an artful mix of them all?

    Click through the gallery above to find a poster art for you.

  • Runnin’ Rhino’, Rs 1,560, Allan Faustino at

  •  ‘The Singing Butler’, Rs 1,855, Jack Vettriano at

  • ‘I Miss Your Face’, Rs 1,240, Anita Drieseberg at

  • 'Curiosity’, Rs 1,238, Jon Bertelli at

  • ‘Extra Pulp’, Rs 1,560, Chris Sharron at


  • Black horse print, Rs 4,800,

  • ‘The Racer’, Rs 2,030, Nina Cosford at

  • ‘Late Night London’, Rs 12,080, John Duffin at

  • ‘Knot’, price on request,

  • ‘Terminate’, Rs 1,060, Melissa Smith at

  • ‘That January Feeling’, Rs 1,115, Gemma Correll at


  •  ‘K4000’, Rs 2,000, Karan Singh at

  • ‘Let‘s All Go And Have Breakfast’, Rs 990, Teo Zirinis at


  • 'I’m Like A Bird’, Rs 1,860,

  • ‘Shree 420’, Rs 1,360, Usha Shantharam at

  • ‘I Feel Big’, Rs 1,550,

  • ‘You Are Not Alone’, Rs1,750, Brigitta at