Two juiceries to try now

You have every incentive (and zero excuses) to go healthy

  • With their yummy, all-natural offerings, two juiceries are giving both health nuts and cola fiends a reason to cheer.


    When Michelle Bauer moved to Pune in 2011, she soon realised that there were too few health drinks on offer, despite the vibrant dining scene and sweltering heat. The South African marketing and advertising professional says she missed the wide selection that she was used to back home – and the seed was sown. Once Bauer’s long-time friend and fellow expat, Julia Bennet, who had been working in the food industry for a while, came on board, the idea was a go. 

    What followed were two and a half years of research, planning and development (“I wanted to make sure there was no compromise on quality”) before Good Juicery was launched in March last year. The result: A range of healthy placebos for the cola. “We shortlisted a range of flavours to launch with,” explains Bauer, “but the final three were ultimately chosen after talking to friends, neighbours and even strangers in the supermarket.” The Sparkling Pink Guava uses locally sourced guava pulp and offers a bubbly new take on an old favourite, and the concentrates for Sparkling Passion Fruit and Sparkling Apple are sourced from the Netherlands. But these too will soon have a local supplier, because the duo want the brand to have a completely local avatar.

    They are working on extending the range as well: “We’re constantly asked what flavours will come next (we even receive emails with suggestions).” And if you needed more incentive, you’ll be happy to learn that they plant one tree for every 1,000 cans sold.

    Available in Pune, Mumbai and Goa, and online at For stockists, visit


    With a family history of allergies and low immunity, combined with long, erratic work hours, bad food habits and the party lifestyle that is endemic to New Delhi, sisters Nadia Singh Bahl and Carol Singh saw the benefits of juice cleanses early. And then they made a business out of it.

    With the help of their nutritionist mother, Simran, Antidote was born in October last year. An organic juice cleanse service, Antidote offers five bespoke options to target core concerns: Light Up, for skin and hair; Skinny Down, for weight loss; Exhale, for a general detox; the protein-heavy Horsepower and the anti-ageing Nine Lives.

    All the juices are cold-pressed (which means a higher nutrient content) and are made from a mix of fruit and vegetables. Antidote keeps away from all things preserved, processed and artificial, as well as gluten, dairy and fructose. What’s different about this service? They explain, “Contrary to the popular belief that what’s good for you tastes bad, our drinks are delicious, refreshing and green.”

    Available on order in the Delhi-NCR region. Tel: 0 97174 12218