ELLE at 20

We mine our archives for the best of Savio Jon's fashion

The self-trained designer consistently found his way to the pages of ELLE

From stitching clothes for his sister’s dolls to winning multiple ELLE Style Awards, Jon has come a long way. Unfinished edges, body-skimming fabrics and feminine hues — his creations have always captured the feeling of an organic soul wandering through global streets. “I’m leaning towards slow living,” he says, and his soft-lined clothes do reflect the move, “The idea of anything trend-related doesn’t appeal to me any more.”

The self-trained, Siolim-based designer consistently finds his way on to the pages of ELLE — on Anushka Sharma in our May cover story last year, in minimalistic fluorescence on Ujjwala Raut in 2000 and even as a stylist in December 2007, where he churned out a girl-meets-boy street wear shoot. His emotion-charged designs may appear overly simple, but are often tinged with the complexity of cut — an aesthetic that connected him to many ELLE stylists through the years, from Anaita Shroff Adajania to Malini Banerji. In fact, in his first interview with ELLE in 1999, he named Shobhaa De as a celebrity he would like to dress. Little did he know that his wish had come true already, “Anaita had styled her in my clothes a week before that interview. It was so sweet!” he laughs. 

On ELLE: “Given its French roots, ELLE stays true to understated elegance, while balancing fashion and culture.”