This 72-year-old proves you're never too old to try daring beauty trends

Definitely who we want to be when we grow up

We need a new approach to ageing: fewer rules, more fun. 72-year-old designer Loulou Van Damme proves that it’s never too late to try something different. Because what does age appropriate really mean?

Cotton candy hair
Why cover up with black when your greys are the best canvas for pastel shades? Make like Helen Mirren and dip into light pink, powder blue or try the rainbow trend and wear them all at once. (PS: Get a lesson in owning your greys

Glazed eyes
Frosty make-up is unflattering on mature skin, says who? Because we think a silver or gold eyeshadow lights up the face. Find a cream shadow that is more glimmer and not glitter and wear it just around the lash line. 

Big mouth
Think dark lips are ageing? Not if you wear a creamy berry lip colour with lots of gloss and moisturised skin to keep things fresh. Keep it all under control by using a lip liner along the outline. (Pick from these liquid lipsticks

Colour trip
Find your happy place between your safe, nude palette and bright make-up. Work with one feature, like a gel eyeliner along the lashes, shimmery shadow (anchored to the lids with a creamy base), a melt-in-your skin cherry cheek tint or a subtle matte mouth.

Photographs: Sushant Chhabria. Styling: Nidhi Jacob. Make-up and Hair: Sandhya Shekar. Model: Loulou Van Damme. Assisted by: Veronna Parikh (fashion), Anuradha Raman (make-up and hair)

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