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Announcing the second set of Hinge's Ten Most Eligible from Mumbai


    Announcing the second list of Hinge's Most Eligible from Mumbai. 


    Daughter of one of the most prominent families in theatre, Ira has nonetheless managed to establish her name in both the film and theatre fraternities of the country. 74 Friends on Hinge

  • Dentist by day, event promoter by night, Ronak is all about having his cake, and eating it too. He is quickly becoming one of the mist sought after men in the city. 268 Friends on Hinge

  • “Money drove me to diamond jewellery, and passion to music… A good meal is always a life saver." 176 Friends on Hinge

  • Better known to some by his DJ moniker Spacejams, this Bandra boys’ eclectic fashion sense extends to his taste in music. 129 Friends on Hinge

  • When she’s not running things, and making things happen, Varsha can be wooed by tacos and churros. 297 Friends on Hinge

  • Varun is a writer, TV host, actor, comedian, and terrible at writing about himself. He's a keeper ladies. 183 Friends On Hinge

  •  "I enjoy watching my ideas come to life, and become creations that people are actually wearing. Garçon is menswear t-shirt label which is individualistic, different and caters to the inspirations of the youth." 233 Friends on Hinge

  • "I love to travel, and spend my down time on the move. Love what you do. Look good. Feel good. Life motto – dress yourself to Dstress yourself." 312 Friends on 

  • Ruchika never misses Sunday lunch with her family, loves to break it down top hip hop, and runs her company like the boss her father taught her to be. 213 Friends on Hinge

  • More of an animal’s person than a peoples person, this reclusive one spends her time in pursuit of storytelling. An active theatre actor, she has just finished shooting her first feature film. 185 Friends on Hinge