Aishwarya Nair shares her 10 commandments to achieve that bridal glow

She reveals all her tried-and-tested secrets!


The whole process of wedding planning can be quite stressful and having tired, exhausted skin on your big day is almost a given, unless you have a strict, meticulous skincare regime. Aishwarya Nair shares her 10 commandments for that enviable bridal glow.

1. Hydrate with iced lemon water and mint
"While the water is essential to keep your skin hydrated, the lemon acts as a natural diuretic. A dash of mint works perfectly to add flavour to your water!"

2. Slather on La Mer The Reparative SkinTint 
"This is my all time favourite make-up product. The tint contains SPF 30, which shields you from the harmful sun rays and the natural tint gives you a dewy finish keeps you look fresh all day."

3. Pop that Champagne
"Believe it or not ladies, but the tartaric acid in Champagne makes your skin glow. I recommend the Delamotte or Salon for the perfect toast to your bridal beauty."

4. Berries and strawberries for the win
"Loaded with antioxidants, red and black berries are essential for glowing skin! Strawberries make for that perfect snack and are abundant in antioxidants."

5. Chug down that coconut water
"At just 50 calories, coconut water is my go-to source for hydration! Most people often find water to be boring, and so, coconut water adds just the right amount of moisture to your skin while providing a chock full of potassium, magnesium and calcium to your body."

6. Sephora’s collection of face masks
"I like to put on either the pomegranate, lotus, green tea or pearl mask from Sephora, right before a go to bed. They are super fun and hydrating. Do it while you catch up on your favourite reads."

7. Mix it up with watermelon and lime
"Lime and watermelon are both alkalizing in nature and control your body acidity to bring out that natural glow to your skin. I’d recommend eating fruits before 5 pm so that the sugar gets stored in your liver."

8. Green tea, green tea and green tea
"Green tea boosts your metabolism and increases your fat burning process. It is also comforting in cooler climes."

9. Have a nutty snack
"Rich in Omega-3, nuts are perfect to battle hunger pangs, especially during wedding season when you should be refraining from junk food."

10. Moisturise with chia seed oil
"Chia seeds contain a remarkable balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids, which provide optimum skin nourishment and can be dabbed onto your face at night for a refreshing look the morning after."

By Aishwarya Nair; Photograph: Manasi Sawant