Bappi Lahiri's stylish grandson is the cutest kid on the internet today Advertisement

Bappi Lahiri’s stylish grandson is the cutest kid on the internet today

Don't miss those gold shoes

By ELLE team  November 24th, 2017

Bappi Lahiri’s greatest hit goes by the name of Swastik Bansal, and he’s a mini James Bond in metallic shoes just waiting to blow up the internet. Grandson of the original gold gangster, little Swastik isn’t old enough to drive but he can rock a bow tie like he was born in Tom Ford’s closet.

Who is this little man’s stylist? Seriously, come forth and claim your prize because Swastik Bansal needs to be on every best dressed list in the country stat. Can we petition Bappi to set up a playdate/styling masterclass with Kareena Kapoor Khan because the only thing more adorable than one rosy-cheeked cherub in a bow tie is two. 

Did we mention little Swastik is a bonsai connoisseur? This kid cannot be real.

Bappi Lahiri’s grandson Swastik is the cutest kid on the internet

Swastik Bansal knows he's too swag for this dance floor and we have to agree. 

Swastik Bansal checking out the competition but secure in the knowledge that his gold shoes are bomb. 

This is the face of a winner. In bonsai and in life.