UNIQLO is all set to debut in India with a very special design collab - Elle India

UNIQLO is all set to debut in India with a very special design collab

Brace yourselves for Rina Singh X UNIQLO OR The most comfortable and chic workwear

BY Shree Vrinda | September 6th, 2019

The Japanese global apparel retailer UNIQLO is ready to embark on its journey to India this October. Simplicity, quality and longevity as its key principal, UNIQLO creates designs that are modern yet thoughtful. In Fall 2019, UNIQLO will set foot in India, New Delhi with three stores, by introducing its debut ‘Kurta Collection’, specially made for India and designed by couturier Rina Singh.

Through this partnership, the brand has pursued a contemporary version of the Kurta—as an elegant essential for women of all backgrounds, regardless of age, race, culture or belief. The collection features earthy toned tunics, dresses, pants and stoles for women.

Ahead of its launch, we caught up with designer Rina Singh and UNIQLO India’s CEO Tomohiko Sei to talk about the new collection, the Indian fashion market and more.

ELLE: What’s the one thing you kept in mind while designing this exclusive range of kurtas for UNIQLO?

Rina Singh: The design development at UNIQLO is highly technical and process oriented. So, a lot of effort went into technical points and details.

ELLE: Was the designing process any different than that of your designs at Ekaco?

RS: This partnership was a new learning curve as I had to work with them in navigating processes that were a part of the brand’s technical advisory- from finding the right balance between the original idea, the versatility of the fiber for the end user, timing of the product reaching stores and price relevance. But only a few months in, my understanding has grown far more, where I am more demanding when it comes to design results and product functionality.

ELLE: What was the force of inspiration behind this collection?

RS: The design teams at UNIQLO and I were inspired to create a new version of the Kurta, made for a progressive woman. We envisioned a layered outfit that could be worn with other everyday coordinates across all age groups, be it a 50 year old woman or a young girl at 24 years.

ELLE: What prompted UNIQLO to enter the Indian market at this point? What can Indian fashion lovers expect from the new stores?

Tomohiko Sei: India is an important part of our global expansion, and we felt that this is the right time in terms of the market and our company’s growth strategy. In consideration of its culture and lifestyle, we believe UNIQLO collection that stands for high quality, highly functional, and attention to detail will find success in this market.

ELLE: After debuting your first three stores featuring a special range of designer wear Kurtas, what’s next in The country?

TS: We wish to succeed in India. And as part of our expansion plan, we would like to design, manufacture and sell in India.

ELLE: Where do you see UNIQLO on the Indian fashion market in the next five years?

TS: We are looking forward to bringing LifeWear to other parts of India. At the moment, our top priority is to make our first three stores here a success.