10 Best Coconut-Infused Beauty Products

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We’d be lying if we said that our mothers didn’t run after us to oil our hair copiously with coconut oil for thick and luscious locks in our growing years. While we may have lost touch with this practice, coconut oil still holds a premier spot on our beauty shelves. This multipurpose oil is no less than a potion that takes care of you from tip to toe.

Be it the traditional use of coconut oil for hair (and even in cooking) or the recent most oil-pulling trend, it is truly one gem of an ingredient. Whether applied or consumed, coconut oil will bestow you with a gush of nutrients like healthy fatty acids and vitamin E. Add the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of the oil, it’s a total powerhouse of nourishment and care.

Here’s a roundup of our most-loved coconut products.

1. Kama Ayurveda Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


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Nourish your hair and scalp with this intensely conditioning oil to prevent lifeless hair and a flaky scalp. You can also massage it all over your body as a moisturising treatment.

2. ENN Closet No More Blues Sea Salt Cleanser

Once you get over the colour and texture of this product, you will realise the scads of benefits it offers. With powerful ingredients like coconut oil, sea salt, seaweed, avocado oil and grapefruit oil, the gritty cleanser helps control oil, acne and sloughs off dead skin cells.

3. Forest Essentials Sun Fluid


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The blendable consistency of this sunscreen makes application super easy. It also hydrates skin while providing protection. The natural fragrance will uplift your senses while the high SPF will keep sun damage at bay.

4. Pixi DetoxifEYE Patches


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We know this may come as a surprise but yes, these eye patches do contain coconut fruit extract with other ingredients like gold, caffeine, cucumber, aloe and niacinamide to refresh and hydrate your undereye area.

5. Herbal Essences Hydrate Coconut Milk Shampoo 

Let your hair reap the benefits of nourishing coconut, as this shampoo employs coconut milk to soften your hair, tame frizz and control dryness. Hello, shiny locks!

6. The Body Shop Coconut & Yazu Hair & Body Mist

Transport yourself to an island full of palm trees, as you spritz this fresh mist on your hair and body. With a rich coconut scent, this mist also has rejuvenating citrus notes. Just a few whiffs of this will give you a perky feeling all day long.

7. Coco & Eve Like A Virgin Hair Mask


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Wearied of frizzy and messy hair? Trust this super-nourishing hair mask to salvage your hair from all the dryness. Enriched with hair-loving ingredients like coconut, flax seeds, argan oil and figs, this mask deeply moisturises every inch of your hair and restores shine and softness.

8. BodyCafe Coconut Lip Balm

If you love a good buttery lip balm with a lingering coconut scent, then this one’s for you. The lip balm is a concoction of rich and moisturising butters, and oils rich in vitamin E for smooth and supple lips.

9. Earth Rhythm Murumuru Shampoo Bar

Whether you’re pursuing a sustainable lifestyle or not, you know how excellent shampoo bars are, both for your hair and the planet. This clean and natural shampoo bar boasts a high dose of nourishment and hydration for your (curly and wavy) hair that is rather tough to manage.

10. Huda Beauty BombBrows Microshade Brow Pencil 


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One of the newest entrants in the ‘how to get brows on fleek’ league is this pencil, whose ultra-precise yet sturdy tip is what makes it stand apart. You don’t have to tug it across your brows since it contains Vitamin E, coconut and castor oil that allows you to sketch fine strokes effortlessly.

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