10 Best Planners To Make 2022 Your Year!

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We know what you’re thinking. With just two months left until 2022 rolls in, ugh, not another one of those “get your act together” type of spiel that’ll last a sum total of 4 business days before we fall back into our old sloppy ways. planners

But, hear us out. If there’s one thing that has brought in any semblance of normalcy and structure into our lives, it’s the very act of jotting things down. And whether you’re the planning types or not, one of these guys is sure to be your new bestie in the new year.

Juggle work deadlines, socially-distant outings, and self-care dates with these cute daily, weekly, and monthly agendas that bring out your inner Elle Woods. What, like it’s hard?

1. The Happy Life Productivity Planner by Happy Wagon
Minimalist chic meets pastel pop to give you this planner that’s equal parts productivity buddy and pick-me-up. The 3-month planner takes the pressure off of those long-term commitments we’ve learnt the hard way not to make, at the same time helps you set realistic goals for yourself. Track your bills and moods, plan your finances, map your expenses, make to-do lists and more. It comes with 3 satin bookmarks, like the perfect little cherry on top. What’s not to love?


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2. Royal Ink Tall Undated Planner by Ninegram
If you’re someone who’s easily intimidated by elaborate planners that call you to fill up more details than what actually exist in your life, come sit with us and fawn over Ninegram’s planners. These elegant and minimalistic planners take the fuss and frills out, and leave room for just what’s needed: important to-do lists and tasks. This is a great starter for newbies and busy bees!

3. Undated Happiness Planners by 7mm
Artsy meets Type A personality in 7mm’s charming happiness planners. They’re undated, which means you can start any time of the year and plan your life YOUR WAY. If you or your work wife are the kind of people who thrive on jotted down goals, gratitude practices and vision boards, while being mindful and kind to yourselves, meet your planner-match.

4. The Trove
This one is a bit different than the others and unique too. The Trove follows a theme for their planners every year, and this year’s theme is COURAGE. So if making big moves, stepping out of your comfort zone and pushing boundaries is on your list for 2022, The Trove planners are a handy place to start. The planner provides more than enough room to jot down daily to-do lists, as well as a monthly calendar to write down important dates. Or, you know, just doodle.


5. Sassyplannernerd
The message is in the name. If you’re a sassy boss babe, meet Sassyplannernerd. The planner lets you start and end each day, week, and month by checking in on your priorities, goals, and end-of-day wins.

6. 2022 Classic Planner by Archetype
If you’re seeing structure with ample room for personalisations and details in your planner (as you should), look no further than Archetype’s Classic Planner. The hardbound beauty is designed to be your loyal sidekick. The planner actually helps you start and end the day with the right frame of mind. There are also tabs for each month, to make planning and tracking oh, so easy. And here’s the best part – the 2022 edition comes with a cute pouch for the planner too!

7. Dreams and Doodles Personalised Notebook by Lemonade India
Minimalist but hardly spartan, the Dreams and Doodles notebook is the perfect home for your to-dos and thoughts alike. It comes with 4 calendar years and 12 undated months, meaning it’s here for a good time AND a long time. And the icing on the cake? You can personalise it with the name on the cover, making it the perfect gift!

8. Undated Yearly Planners by The June Shop
The June Shop’s yearly planners put the fun in planning and are designed to adapt to you and your growth! You can get an overview of your month, track your habits, make monthly lists, find and stay aligned to your true calling, plan meals and budgets, make bucket lists, and so much more. The wide selection of covers also means that there’s something for every personality.

              Image via : The June Shop

9. The Professional Planner by Space and Beauty
A business chic planner for the no-nonsense go-getter. We love the no-frills approach this planner takes on. The monochrome look and undated pages make it a timeless wonder. The clean design and dedicated pages for tracking finances, projects, habits, hobbies and reading lists ensures we’re on-track in October with all those January promises.

10. 2022 Planner by The Ink Bucket
No one does the fusion of beauty and functionality better than The Ink Bucket. 2022’s edition is all about a fresh perspective and approach to life. The wilderness-inspired theme is sure to keep you energised to dive into your goals and plans with headlong rush. The planner comes with a vision board, page for yearly goals and plans, monthly appointments and plans, habit tracker, gratitude and reflection pages, colouring pages, 2 bookmarks and delightful natural illustrations. Who would’ve thought planning would feel so exotic?

We hope you march into 2022 with eyes on your prize, head full of daring ideas, heart full of passion and the perfect planner to keep you abreast. Good luck!


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