10 Conscious Fashion Brands That Have Mastered The Art Of Upcycling And Recycling


At a time when adopting eco-friendly practices seems like a norm, we can see the fashion industry progressing towards responsible production and consumption more than ever before. The pandemic has made us pause and reflect on our consumption cycles, leading to many of us wanting to align with the labels we are shopping from and stay informed on their sustainability initiatives. Under the broad spectrum of sustainability, we can see designers across the globe adopting practices like zero-waste policies, small-scale production, upcycling and recycling.

If you’re not familiar with the concepts, upcycling is the process of taking old fabrics or clothes and reviving them into new ensembles. The key difference between recycled and upcycled clothing is that recycling is done by deconstructing the materials before reinventing them, whereas upcycling involves using whole pieces of existing garments. Both processes are highly sustainable as they radically reduce the waste that ends up in landfills. The decreased need to produce new garments leads to less pollution and carbon emissions. Here are ten sustainable labels that you should consider investing in that upcycle and recycle.

1Bethany Williams

The London-based designer believes that social and environmental issues go hand in hand. Through exploring the connection between these issues, she aims to find innovative design solutions that are also sustainable. All Bethany Williams’ garments are 100% sustainable.

2. Péro


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Designer Aneeth Arora works closely with indigenous handmade crafts that are seen in her chic designs. She interprets international aesthetics with local elements resulting in ensembles that evoke a sense of native cultures.

3. Marine Serre

This French designer’s clothing, often recognized through its crescent moon print, consists of recycled materials like second-hand clothes, bedspreads, and tablecloths. These refashioned pieces that depict a crafty and eco-futurist aesthetic now account for half of her collections.

4. Doodlage


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Known for the perfect synchronization of sustainability and innovativeness, Doodlage is a label that sources fabrics that are unused by other retailers. We can see these fragments coming together in their ensembles, each with its unique story.



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These environmentally-friendly sneakers are made with raw materials sourced from organic farming and ecological agriculture. Their production is done without chemicals or polluting processes.

6. Ka-Sha


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By drawing from craft techniques and innovation, this Indian label upcycles, recycles and mends textiles of all shapes and sizes to give them new meaning.



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Their commitment to circular fashion began with the original concept of upcycling vintage Levi’s into modern fits, employing preloved raw goods to create brand new. In 2016, they developed recycled cotton, which is also offered in other product extensions.

8. Doh Tak Keh


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A streetwear label that creates its ensembles by recycling all sorts of waste materials, including single-use plastic products, and employs techniques like patchwork, deconstruction, and hand appliqué. What more could we ask for?

9. Brother Vellies

Founded with the goal of preserving traditional African design practices, Brother Vellies creates timeless collections that celebrate cultural histories. They partner with local artists and artisans to create upcycled products.

10. Chopova Lowena

To accomplish their aesthetic vision, this designer duo prioritizes sustainability by utilizing recycled materials and deadstock folkloric textiles, often in the form of pillowcases and aprons. Their asymmetrical pleated skirts have been on our radar since their launch!

Thumbnail image: Courtesy of Marine Serre.
Banner image: Courtesy of Marine Serre, Péro and Brother Vellies.


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