10 Indian Ceramic Artists And Studios You Need To Check Out RN


You call them ceramicists, we call them magicians. Giving life to formless clay, the art of ceramics invites you to slow down and embrace the flow. Along with being aesthetically pleasing and functional, one-of-a-kind handmade pieces are great conversation-starters to include in your spaces. And did we mention how therapeutic it is to even just watch clay being moulded and taking form? Don’t even get us started on the glaze—it’s pure serotonin. Here are some of our favourite ceramic artists and studios that you need to check out right now:

1. Tanushree Singh (@lacunastudiogoa)

Based out of Goa, Tanushree Singh single-handedly runs her studio Lacuna (with occasional help from her furry friend and part-time model Hugo, of course). From body-positive mugs and planters to designs inspired by the creatures of the ocean—her creations embody the spirit of slow, mindful living.

2. Srishti Sindhu (@studionendo)

Led by Srishti Sindhu, Studio Nendo focuses on the human touch, craftsmanship and creating one-of-a-kind pieces. Named after the Japanese word ‘Nendo’ that refers to the sculpting of clay, the brand specialises in handmade ceramic tableware products in the most beautiful colours and drip effects.

3. Neha Jainabadkar and Neeraj Kapadia (@popup_stone_ceramics)

Popup Stone focuses on functional and experimental ceramics that highlight organic shapes over geometric perfection. Every hand-formed creation has a personality of its own. Featuring natural colours and textures, the products range from mugs and plates to art palettes and more.

4. Kritika Soni (@karasabi_)

Inspired by the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi that is a worldview centred around appreciating beauty in imperfection— ceramics by Kara Sabi tell a story of impermanence and transience that urge you to embrace authenticity, celebrate craftsmanship and truly appreciate the uniqueness of handmade.

5. Rekha Goyal (@rekhagoyalx)

Rekha Goyal is a Mumbai based ceramic artist and founder of The Pottery Lab. Her design approach is minimal and dynamic, often inspired by her Indian roots. “Before clarity, there are questions. Before emotions, there is the turmoil of silence. Clay works in much the same way –before simplicity of form there is complexity of the process; of translating emotion and thought. This is the crux of my work today –channelizing, sculpting and refining these complexities to achieve the dynamism of simplicity.” Rekha says.

6. Tejashree Sagvekar (@tejashreesagvekarceramics)

Working with clay and glazes that she makes herself, Tejashree’s signature ceramics are dipped in a colour palette of crisp whites with a tinge of neutral tones to add character. From plates and mugs to spoons and bowls, each piece is enveloped in a heart-warming rustic feel.

7. Nikita Dawar (@slowpottery)

Nikita Dawar beckons you to savour the joy of slow living with her store and school Slow Pottery located on a mango orchard in Andhra Pradesh. Forms inspired by the female body, soothing hues, impeccable finishes and lots more will surely pique your interest.

8. Manu Randhawa (@earthfireclay)

Experimenting as she goes along, Manu Randhawa works mainly in stoneware and has recently explored terracotta. Her ceramics feature unique textures along with a mix of colours and organic forms.

9. Thomas Louis (@thomasthepottergoa)

Goa-based artist Thomas Louis has studied ceramic design from NID, Ahmedabad. From fishes to corals and everything in between, his work features influences from ocean life, nature and animals. Thoughtfully created, his work is sure to liven up your spaces.

10. Trayah Pottery (@trayahpottery)

Trayah Pottery not only creates but also teaches how to make beautiful handcrafted ceramics. Giving a modern-day twist to an ancient craft, their products include pour-over coffee makers, art palettes, cupcake stands and more.

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