10 K-Pop Stars Taking Over Fashion As Global Luxury Brand Ambassadors


Forget about taking the world by storm through music, K-pop stars are topping fashion charts too and we just can’t seem to get enough of them. From Louis Vuitton naming the world-famous boy-band, BTS as its global brand ambassador to the fan-favourite girl-group, Blackpink partnering up with iconic brands like Celine and Dior, there’s plenty of proof that Korean artists are on their way to global domination and fashion is definitely no exception. Having said that, here’s a list of all our beloved K-pop stars who have fronted international luxury brands off-late.

1. BTS For Louis Vuitton

Why dress up one famous artist when investing in a renowned K-pop boy-band that shelters seven sounds like a way better deal? BTS has recently been tapped by Louis Vuitton as its new brand ambassador. Merging luxury fashion with contemporary culture, the group debuted unique designs like never-seen-before on the Seoul runway, making this one of the most iconic global collaborations of the year.

2. BLACKPINK’S Rose For Yves Saint Laurent & Tiffany & Co.

Blackpink is certainly taking the centre stage and Rosé’s latest associations with global luxury powerhouses are proof. After achieving a major milestone by being named as the new face of the Parisian fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent back in 2020, the pop star didn’t just stop there. Now, she adds another glamorous laurel to her name by becoming a global ambassador for Tiffany & Co.

3. BLACKPINK’S Lisa For Celine & Bvlgari

Well, Rosé is not the only Blackpink member to score a major brand endorsement this year. Lisa is another major fashion power player in the business who has influenced trends since the very beginning. Starting with representing Celine in 2019, with her ever-desirable Parisian aesthetic and becoming the shiny new face of Bvlgari along the way, the young rapper has surely made the world of luxury fashion her very own.

4. BLACKPINK’S Jennie For Calvin Klein

While each of the Blackpink beauties has her own unique take on fashion, Jennie’s stand-out style sense has always made it a no-brainer for luxury brands to take her up. Jennie has us all dreaming of spending a day in our Calvin’s, after being named as Calvin Klein’s newest brand ambassador. Well, this year, all eyes are on her!

5. BLACKPINK’S Jisoo For Dior

By now, we all know that every Blackpink member has surfaced with one or more stellar fashion collaborations this year, and for Jisoo, it has to be her pivotal role as the global ambassador for the legendary house of Dior. A turning muse for the brand’s collection across all genres, the pop icon has beautifully brought Dior’s modernity and passionate creativity to life. We don’t know about you, but we’re definitely calling Jisoo our ideal ‘Lady Dior’.

6. AESPA For Givenchy

They might have debuted only months ago, but this K-pop quartet is definitely set on making some massive power moves. Landing on their first major partnership as global ambassadors for the French luxury house of Givenchy, AESPA has already unleashed a strong sense of individuality which is enough to make this collaboration exceptional.

7. Jackson Wang For Fendi

It seems like the trend of K-pop idols partnering up with luxury fashion powerhouses is only getting hotter, with the singing heartthrob Jackson Wang being the latest to join in on the fun. The uniquely talented, breakthrough star perfectly conveys Fendi’s innovative spirit, making him an ideal ambassador for the brand. Being one of the most exciting Korean artists to emerge from China, his artistic collaboration with Fendi is definitely one of a kind.

8. Hyuna For Loewe

Looking for a perfect fit? K-pop singer-songwriter and rapper Hyuna’s recent role as Loewe’s global brand ambassador is surely a match made in heaven. Going solo, while still maintaining her fearless flair for fashion is helping the brand break new ground. Nothing like a boundary-pushing fashion face to represent the modern, independent woman of today.

9. EXO’S Kai For Gucci

Part of the universally celebrated idol group EXO, Kai has been a true trailblazer for fashion in K-pop. Joining forces with Gucci as its global brand ambassador in 2019, the star has also been an inspirational face of the brand’s 100th anniversary showcase, making history as the first-ever Korean artist to have a collection under his name. Well, we can’t help but say that the launch was un-bear-ably cute!


The daring K-Pop group, Enhyphen, has certainly left no stone unturned as they grasp the latest title of becoming Ami’s first-ever global brand ambassadors. Their fashion authenticity and message of inclusivity have made them the chosen mascots for bringing people together across the globe, producing refreshing energy synonymous with both Gen-Z’s and millennials alike.

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