10 Melatonin Supplements You Need For Your Beauty Sleep

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There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep. You wake up feeling good, looking good, and in general, there’s a sense of composure. However, there’s one problem—getting eight hours of peaceful sleep isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. To add to it, the pandemic and excessive exposure to blue light have messed up sleep cycles for many of us. It’s not a surprise why melatonin supplements are having a moment right now. Beauty

What Is Melatonin?

Melatonin is a hormone naturally secreted by the brain’s pineal gland in response to the cycles of darkness and light. It helps regulate your sleep cycle and is a safer option with little to no side effects. So whether you’re suffering from sleepless nights or fighting jet lag, melatonin supplements will help you gently transport you to la-la land.

1. OLLY Sleep


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These delicious blackberry flavored chewy gummies calm your senses and instruct your mind to turn on sleep mode.

2. Healthyments Sleep Revital Gummies

These gummies boost the melatonin levels in your body that eases the process of falling asleep to keep headaches and stress at bay.

3. Nyumi Beauty Sleep Gummies


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Delicious gummies that improve sleep quality and promote healthy skin? We’re in for it! Plus points for skin-friendly ingredients like pomegranate extract and vitamin E.

4.Carbamide Forte Melatonin Gummies

You will snuggle and sleep in no time with these yummy gummies that also uplift your mood.

5. Welly Restful Sleep


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Pop this gummy about 20-30 minutes before hitting the sack and let chamomile and melatonin do their job.

6.Setu Melatonin Strips

Don’t like chewing? No problem. This quick-dissolving strip melts in the mouth with a refreshing mint flavor for a goodnight’s sleep.

7. Evitamins Melatonin Gummies


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Great to taste and effective to induce sleep, these strawberry flavoured gummies are your perfect bedtime partner.

8.SheNeed Sleep Tight

These easy-to-consume capsules alleviate your stress allowing your mind to fall asleep peacefully and calmly.

9. Sugarbear Sleep Vitamins

Apart from looking adorable, these gummy bears have a solid formulation that will solve all your sleeping issues.

10. Boldcare Snooze

The powerful duo of melatonin and chamomile efficiently ensures you feel relaxed and experience a sound sleep. Pop a pill after dinner for best results.

Note: Please consult your doctor if taking any other medication or in case of allergies. These supplements ease sleep but don’t claim to treat insomnia.

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