10 Netflix K-Dramas That Serve Major Fashion Inspiration


Besides being highly popular for creating engaging plots and well thought-out characters, the K-drama industry has also been the at the centre of some major fashion attraction off-late. The Korean style is booming – thanks to the influence of some stellar K-dramas, we have all the endless fashion inspiration we need.

Starting from fantasy and rom-coms, rounding up to mystery-thriller and legal genres – Korean leads are subtly woven into the story through impeccable styling. Need a wardrobe refresh? From the latest dystopian setting of the Squid Game, feeding on the retro-chic survivalist aesthetic to the sharp-tailored Italian style in Vincenzo, here are some binge-worthy K-dramas to get you hooked onto for some of the most fashion-forward trends of the year.

1.Vincenzo – Power Dressing

Strutting around in her stylish stilettos – Vincenzo’s hard-headed lawyer, Hong Cha-young, is always dressed to impress in fiery yet fashionable power suits and dresses. Luxe brands like Bottega Veneta, Max Mara and Alexander McQueen perfectly complement her funny and bold personality.

2. Squid Game – Retro-Athleisure 

The dystopian setting of Netflix’s number one K-drama, Squid Game, has become a fierce cultural phenomenon inspiring fashion trends around the world. Bringing the retro-inspired Sopranos tracksuit and slip-on shoes back from the dead, this dynamic show is serving some major Halloween outfit inspiration. Fashion definitely wants to play with Squid Game’s survivalist aesthetic, and we’re totally into it.

3. Hometown Cha Cha Cha – Soothing Sorbet Pastels

We’d be lying if we said we aren’t obsessed with Hye jin’s swoon-worthy colour aesthetic. Serving us some major looks in a wide range of dreamy pastel tones, she effortlessly cracks the code to look casual-chic at all times. Nailing the minimalistic vibe, Hye jin’s versatile outfit inspiration is definitely a breath of fresh air our wardrobes need.

4. It’s Okay to Not be Okay – The Cottagecore Update


The best part about being in a fairy-tale would definitely be parading around elegant halls in ethereal, white romantic silhouettes. Luckily, we can live vicariously through Go Moon Young, as she does just that. Bringing the famous ‘cottagecore’ aesthetic back into play, she chooses to offer a slice of simplicity and sophistication in soft delicate floral dresses blended with refreshing ruffles and earthy tones. We are considering a serious wardrobe revamp, what about you?

5. The King : Eternal Monarch – Timeless Trench Coats


Whether she’s repping the bad guys or going on an excruciating stakeout, this detective is always dressed to the nines. We bet if you ever raided Jeong Tae-eul’s wardrobe, different versions of timeless trench coats are all that you would find. Adding a layered spin to her edgy work-ready outfits, she portrays tomboyish sensibilities in the most unfussy and understated manner. Talk about a strong stylish female lead!

6. Suspicious Partner – Corporate Cool Aesthetic

Who says office-wear can’t be fashionable? Bringing in the formal-chic aesthetic to the workplace, Eun Bong Hee, a fun and determined lawyer chooses to stand out in professional yet youthful shorts and suit combinations that are complete game changers. Adding a modern touch to her sartorial fashion choices, the styling complements her offbeat personality and makes us gasp for more of her statement-making looks.

7. Hotel Del Luna – Vintage Avant-Garde


Welcome to Jang Man won’s magical world of high vintage glamour. From shoulder pad dresses and peplum suits to capes, gloves and wide-brim hats – her impeccable styling screams sheer drama. Taking us on a nostalgic tour through the best of avant-garde fashion, she channels her feminine power to the core, reflecting her status as the most formidable and stylish person in the room.

8. Nevertheless – Casual-Chic Knits

We’re sure you’re all smitten by Yu Nabi’s normcore college aesthetic by now. Keeping her everyday outfits as minimal and effortless as possible, she is usually seen sporting an oversized hoodie or a V-neck cardigan in clean, neutral colour palettes. Next time you’re too frazzled to put together a polished look for college, remember that you can’t really go wrong with Yu Nabi’s fail-proof ensembles.

9. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – Preppy Plaid Picks

Do Bong Soon is proof that all big and strong things come in small packages, even though her dressing style is contradictory. Coming straight out of the closet of your everyday millennial, her fashion sense projects inherent cuteness in preppy plaid coats and layered checkered dresses that successfully translate her bubbly personality.

10. Itaewon Class: Statement-Making Streetstyle 


The rebel of Itaewon Class, Jo Yi Seo, is tough-as-nails, stubborn as hell, badass all over who surely dresses that part. Rocking edgy leather jackets and cool oversized blazers with ultimate sass – she definitely nails the classic biker chic aesthetic in every way possible. Watch out, streetstyle just got a new definition with Itaewon Class’s striking clothing collection that is definitely hard to miss!

Images via: Pinterest 

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