10 New Series & Movies On OTT Platforms That Will Make You Want To Renew Your Subscription

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Between the tiresome erratic monsoons playing spoilsport and serpentine traffic jams, the only thing getting me through this month that’s been a year long are my multiple subscriptions to everything. Thankfully, the second half of September brings with it thrilling TV shows and movies and we are grateful.

Keep reading to find out binge worthy OTT releases to watch later this month.

1.Sex Education

The highly anticipated show – Sex Education is back with its forth and final season. The season 3 finale, left the viewers with more questions than answers, with their futures seeming uncertain and we cant wait to find more. While a few fan favourites have bid their farewells, we have plenty of characters to look forward to.

Otis, Aimee, Meave, Ruby, Eric, Adam, Jean and more are continuing their journey, while a few more join them. Otis and Eric are now headed to Cavendish College, however adjusting to the new school is going to present many challenges.

Streaming on Netflix on September 21

2.Gen V

From the makers of The Boys – everyone favourite new TV show- comes the exciting story of young adult superhero, known as ‘supes’, who is being tested in battle royal challenges at the Godolkin University School of Crimefighting, run by Vought International. A blood bender, a metal bander, a gender shifter, an empath and more are taking us on their exciting crime fighting journey. With guest appearances from Jensen Ackles and Chase Crawford – Soldier boy and Depp respectively- the show has fans excited.

Streaming on Amazon Prime on September 29

3.Love At First Sight

A must-watch for all the hopeless romantics Love At First Sight takes us on the journey of Hadley and Oliver who have madly fallen in love with each other but lose each other as soon as they meet. The official synopsis states – “Two strangers connect on a flight to London, only to be separated by a twist of fate. A reunion seems improbable — but love has a way of defying the odds.” Catch the coming of age YA romance on Netflix.

Currently Streaming on Netflix 

4.The Supermodels

Naomi Campbell,Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington – The 1980’s iconic divas have ganged up together in a four part documentary to walk us through their life as The Supermodels. Many prominent names in the fashion and culture industry will be making an appearance to the documentary.

The documentary will trace the story of these four powerhouses and their contributions through their work in activism, philanthropy and business.

Streaming on Apple TV on September 20

5.Love Is Blind

Taking bumble to a new level, in this reality TV show, several single people mingle with each other, without knowing how the other looks. The show forces us to question whether emotional connection beat physical attraction? More often than not though, we have been disappointed by what has been found out.

Streaming on Netflix on September 22

6.Jaane Jaan

Kareena Kapoor, Jaideep Ahlawat and Vijay Raaz starrer, Jaane Jaan is set to make its way on Netflix. A plot thick with murder mystery and brewing with drama, the movie revolves around a mother -daughter duo committing and covering up a crime with the help of their neighbour. Things get interesting when they all end up in middle of an investigation.

Kareena Kapoor is set to return to screen after a short hiatus, and we can’t wait to watch her.

Streaming on Netflix on September 21

7.Spy Kids

Get ready for a burst of nostalgia as the spy kids are back to your screen after 12 long years. Two members of the children’s secret agents have messed up big time. Tony and Patty Tango-Torrez have unintentionally unleashed a computer virus putting their parents and the rest of the world’s life in jeopardy as the deadly virus is taking over all the technology. The memorable movie series is back with a reboot. One can only wish its as good as the original.

Streaming on Netflix on September 21

8.No Hard Feelings

Lovers of the fake dating trope, gather around. Jennifer Lawrence’s Maddie is set to date a introverted and awkward 19-year-old Andrew Feldman’s Percy. To boost their sons self esteem Percy’s parents rich pay Maddie to date him, and a desperate Maddie on the brink of losing her home, agrees.

Streaming on Netflix on September 23


The thrilling Netflix original takes us through the journey of a pregnant woman and her husband – Mia & Nico – who are trying to escape a totalitarian country in a shipping container. Mia however is trapped in the middle of a sea when the container slips from the ship with her trapped inside all alone. Nico is set on a voyage to save his wife’s life, while Mia tries to survive the sea.

The new Spanish Netflix original is worth a binge-watch.

Streaming on Netflix on September 29

10. The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar

Dr. Strange’s actor Benedict Cumberbatch is dabbling in the world of magic again, this time as Henry Sugar. The short film Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar takes us on Henry’s voyage to cheat at gambling, the way to do so? Seeing without using his eyes. Henry Sugar is set to learn how to see without using his eyes and for that he needs help of a guru, Dr. Chatterjee, portrayed by Dev Patel.

The movie has already received universal acclaim after its release at 80th Venice Film Festival. “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar is a perfectly well-balanced reduction. It’s got most of Anderson’s signature flavour notes but in healthy, clarified stock”, says a critic.

Streaming on Netflix on September 20

Incase you missed the exciting releases from the first half of September, click here

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