10 Reverse Cat-Eye Liner Looks We Can’t Get Over

Reverse Cat Eye

If there’s anything we love more than the iconic feline flick is it’s reverse version which is trending on social media. The humble black eyeliner has yet again enabled the return of the cat-eye liner with a subtle switch up. Instead of the lash line, apply kohl to your waterline and flick it outward for the effect. Watch this quick makeup tutorial to hop on the viral trend. 

1. Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist created this look way before anyone hopped on the trend.

2. Deepika Padukone’s edgy wings are perfect for days you want to make a statement

3. Take inspiration from Chanel’s Fall-Winter 2021/22 show, and use a vivid blue instead of black.

4. Let Dior’s runway look convince you to experiment with this cool midnight blue spin on the reverse cat-eye. 


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5. Here’s a look to try for the next date night. 


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6. Two words: Fierce and exciting. 

7. The reverse cat-eye liner elongates the eye and makes it appear larger and sexier.

8. For an evening look, apply the liner both on the waterline as well as the upper lash line. 


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9. This look blurs the line between a black smoky eye, and plain eyeliner and we are here for it!

10. On the days you’re feeling extra bold, try this look by doubling down on the glamour. 


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