The Red Carpet Brought Back Side Parting And It Has The Celebrity Stamp of Approval


What goes around comes around. Who could understand this better than the beauty and fashion industry? The speed at which the trends are emerging, peaking, falling to irrelevancy and then reviving has accelerated massively. Case in point, the side part hair.

While millennials and Gen Z may discuss about the relevancy of 90s trends making a comeback, even the harshest Gen Z critics can’t deny the appeal of the hairstyle. For those looking to adopt or try out the side part, the red carpet has seen quite a lot of these in the past few weeks. From actors to musicians, the trend has charmed everyone and we are not an exception. Here’s a list of inspiration for you to try out the next time you get bored of your usual do.

1. J Lo

Classic Hollywood waves are always a hit at the red carpet. And the side part just allows the style get more volume, more bounce and as a result more drama.

2. Selena Gomez

It is certainly rare for the Single Soon singer to turn up at an event and not bring her A game. The sleek, side parted, pulled back ‘do paired with the dark red lip is giving femme-fatal in all the best ways. Perfect for a date night out.

3. Dua Lipa


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The mermaid barbie is definitely owing the cherry red colour. And she sure knows how to style it, the half up hair showcases elegance without losing its playfulness.

4. Greta Lee


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The mousse styled, sculpted, curled, old Hollywood inspired hair do is the picture of sophistication. The Past Lives actor has proved herself to be one to look out for when looking for beauty inspiration.

5. Florence Pugh


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The princess of punk has proved once again that having short hair does not mean you can’t experiment with interesting hairstyles. On one side, Florence Pugh rocks the ’50s curls, and on the other, she has spiked and flipped-out sections going in different directions. It gives off a casual, undone look which will match perfectly for someone with a rebellious and fun-loving personality.

6. Olivia Rodrigo

Ditching her usual soft blowout for a pristinely styled, plastic-perfect doll-like updo, the Get Him Back singer has added a touch of glamour to her look. Ideal for those who enjoy experimenting with chic pony tails.

7. Rosamund Pike


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If you’re looking for someone who can rock a long bob then look at Rosamund Pike, and if you’re looking for someone who can style a long bob then look at her stylist. The sleek, simple side-part is for any and every one, no matter how skilled you are at hair styling.

8. Jasmine Sephina Jones

Swirls are not to be limited just to nails. The gelled up, pulled back twist is exciting and the addition of the swirled up lock of hair is taking the look to another level.

9. Taylor Swift


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Mother hath spoken. And who are we to question her? No stranger to faking hair cuts and styles (for example faking a bob at The Eras Tour premiere), this time she styled her bangs to a side swept style and paired up with soft brushed out waves with a hint of retro, 1950’s touch.

10. America Fererra


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These side parted water waves are a great choice for people who want to add volume to their hair. The shiny do is full of fun and easy to recreate at home.

11. Katherine Heigl


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Hollywood glam is what the Greys Anatomy actress turned up with at the Emmy Awards this year. The do looks fun to replicate for a day out with your friends or a solo date.

The side part has certainly proven itself to be highly versatile. Whether the mane is long or short, straight, curly or wavy, there’s a way to make it look flattering on all types. If you’re one who was already in on this little not-so-secret secret then congratulations, and if like me you’re someone who has always stuck to the middle part, maybe give one of these a try.

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