11 Christmas Makeup Looks To Try This Season

Christmas makeup

Dressing up for Christmas? It time to pull out all stops. Think highlighted cheekbones, deep, rich red lips that compare to candy cane, and of course, the glitter eyeshadow palette that had been stowed away at the back of the closet can finally emerge out of the shadows. ‘Glam’ now comes with a generous helping of ‘extra’ when it comes to makeup looks at the end of the year. Maybe that’s because we’ve spent a large part of this year longing for ‘meet cutes’ under the mistletoe, to spend quality time with family, or just the celebrate that we made it another year. Nevertheless, it’s that time of the year when sparkle fanatics, bold eyeliner statement girls, and minimalist beauties all come together in appreciation of new looks. 

It may not be the Oscars, but holiday parties call for major spruce ups to the age-old makeup routines. Naughty or nice? Over the top or understated? The options never end, and with new trends cropping up weekly, it’s safe to assume there’s a vault full of untapped art that you can experiment with at the end of the year. 

Get your pre-party sleigh-ing by trying out a few looks from our edit of the best festive makeup as seen on the runway and the red carpet –

1. Wings that Sleigh

Soft earthy tones on your lid paired with a dramatic winged look works practically all the time. When complemented with a soft contour and just the right amount of highlighter, it’s a look people will ask you about. This is probably every makeup fanatic’s go-to (including mine) because of its flexibility (I mean, it works for any occasion). Try out the tape hack (ref. our TikTok makeup hacks story) to have wings that sleigh.

2. Sweet, But Twisted

It’s not Christmas without a little drama. An ideal fit for someone whose love for the Christmas Spirit borders on unhealthy. But, hey at least you’re in theme. This sweet, but twisted elaborately eye-focused look is for all the resting Grinch-faces out there.

3. Let It Snow


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This look adds all the oomph you need to your ensemble. A seemingly simple but statement steel eye with some heavy duty mascara and a pigmented pink dials up the drama. Push your hair back and out of your face to give it the attention it deserves.

4. All That Glitters


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Is glitter naughty or nice? Take the unconventional route by highlighting the outer corners of your eyes with silver tape, and cheekbones with some silver glitter in the festive spirit. Add a touch of green, with some stick-on jewels if that’s up your alley, and complement this look with a touch of sheer gloss.

5. Mistle-totally Rad

This red lip highlights the joy of the season and everything your Christmas makeup should be -everything nourishing and plump. It lays the right amount of emphasis on the festive season, while making sure your lifted face (with the right concealer technique) looks chic and stylish. A favoured plump red lip colour is M.A.C. Cosmetic’s Ruby New for a powder-like finish.

6. Wine-derful


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For a fresh take on a cut-crease look, try out a blend of red and maroon eyeshadow and a tactfully placed under eye coal. Pairing this look with minimal highlighter and a glossed overlined lip is a great go-to for Christmas balls and events galore.

7. You Snow The Drill


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This graphic liner and bold lip combo is ideal for a festive night out with your girls. You can replace the white graphic liner with a red smudged out eye-pencil as well. If you can’t find the perfect eyeliner, opt for a sharp lip pencil instead, and make sure to douse it in setting spray before you look like went on a date with Santa that went south. 

8. Soul Santa


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As seen on Simone Rocha’s models this season, a little bit of glittery eyeshadow goes a long way. Smudges of white/holographic sparkly eyeshadow on the corners of your eyes (till the middle of your lid) paired with a pale lip and played down mascara makes this look a perfect fit for Christmas date night with your boo.

9. Pass Me The Crimson


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A statement eye look, this bold approach can be achieved using a few different shades of red (lighter at the corners, darker towards the edges, and lighter on the top) to add dimension. One swipe of colour won’t do it justice. A red lipstick and some gloss (Sephora’s Lip Plumper is a fave), is a must to give your eyes the attention they deserve.

10. Scarlet Fever

The perfect blend of black and red, this look gives your eyes a significant pop, making it totally Christmas-ready. A sharp wing with a highly pigmented red under eye look goes well with blushed out cheeks. If you’re opting for an outfit that shows off your collarbones, slap on some highlighter on them to add to the look. 


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