12 Spooky Manicures To Get You In The Spirit Of The Season

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As the darkness of the night begins to overtake the daylight hours, spooky season inches closer. While themed costumes and scary makeup are an assured way to get into the spirit of Halloween, there’s one more route you could take to the house of horrors – spooktacular manicures. Here is all the inspiration you need:

1. The Friendly Ghost 

Don’t want to go too overboard with the nail art? Opt for a minimal but impactful design that will compliment your everyday looks.

2. Fangs 

Your teeth may not have vampire fangs but your nails surely can! Stand out of the crowd with some pointed blood-dripping accent nails.

3. Smoke and Ash 


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Witches, capture the smoke from your cauldron and incorporate it in your manicure. A perfect blend of mystery and magic, these nails will whisk you to the dark side.

4. Sparkle Season

Add a dash of glitter and get the party started. Halloween doesn’t just have to be dark and haunted, it can be fun too!

5. Blood Bath 

Get creative and spatter some deep red nail paint to mimic the blood of your enemies.

6. Blood bath but make it chic


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If splattered blood is a little too extreme for you, opt for a more delicate approach with this drip effect.

7. Spooky Glam 

Up the glam quotient of your manicure with these fade-to-black nails with gold celestial detailing.

8. X-ray Vision 

Bring out the good old skeleton costume and opt for this manicure to match it. Bonus tip: Use glow-in-the-dark nail paint for the bones for a unique twist.

9. OTT 


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Don’t hold back with the colour, glitter or nail stickers. If a maximalist approach is your thing, this is the manicure for you!

10. Clawebs


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Elevate your black stiletto nails with some silver cobweb designs on the tips.

11. Pumpkin Party

Whether you’re going to be carving pumpkins or sipping on some warm PSL, these nails are perfect for fall.

12. Starry Night

For all the members of the astrology fanclub, here’s your chance to have the stars at your fingertips.

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