15 Conscious Homegrown Beauty Brands We Love

Homegrown Beauty

Clean beauty is a segment that has escalated quite swiftly and has spread like a rage amongst conscious consumers. A smart and eco-friendly solution to the high plastic-involving industry, clean and sustainable beauty is taking over the traditional way of doing business.

We’re pleased to see more and more Indian beauty brands joining the clean beauty league with each passing day. As we celebrate Earth Day today, here are our best picks from some impressive conscious Indian beauty brands.

1. Juicy Chemistry Blood Orange & Rosehip Lip Balm


This organic lip balm is a cult favourite. With a blend of rich moisturising oils, this lip balm helps treat chapped and dry lips with a dose of nourishment. Rosehip in the lip balm also curtails pigmentation over time.

2. asa Beauty Lip & Cheek Tint


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A compact and multipurpose product, asa’s lip & cheek tints come in three colours to suit Indian skin tones and can be used on the eyelids too. Besides a high-impact pigmentation, the product is unique for its refillable packaging.

3. Neemli Naturals Matcha & Avocado Exfoliating Bathing Bar


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Looking for a body cleanser that exfoliates the skin too? This is a good option. Infused with matcha and avocado oil, this exfoliating bathing bar gently scrubs off dead skin cells and dullness, making it suitable for everyday use.

4. The Moms Co. Natural Vita Rich Under Eye Cream


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Packed with the goodness of coffee and vitamins, this under eye cream is an effective product for dark circles and dehydrated under eyes. The roll-on applicator makes it easy to use and offers a gentle massage to improve blood circulation and reduce puffiness.

5. Love Organically Kumkumadi Oil


Kumkumadi is a precious essence from Ayurveda that has a multitude of benefits for the skin. Say hello to bright, healthy and glowing skin by using 2-3 drops of this oil every night. The rich herbs in this oil make it a healing potion for uneven and dull skin.

6. Arata Nourishing Hempocado Oil


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Give your hair a nourishing experience with this cold-pressed concoction formulated with hemp seed oil and avocado oil. Suitable for both hair and scalp, the oil soothes the scalp and restores the moisture in the strands. It’s lightweight and washes off easily.

7. Ilana Organics Beet Tint

Give your lips and cheeks a pretty flush of colour with pigments derived from beetroots. The watery tint adds a healthy-looking rosy hue to the face and blends seamlessly into the skin for a natural flush.

8. Daughter Earth Sacred Lotus & Vanilla Body Butter

If the increasing temperature is causing rashes, irritation and dryness on your body, this body butter is just for you! With deeply nourishing and hydrating ingredients, this lightweight and non-sticky lotion is an absolute skin saviour.

9. Earth Rhythm Gel to Milk Cleansing Jelly

This product has a unique formula that gently cleanses all the makeup and impurities away from the skin. The gel melts down into a milk-like consistency which reveals fresh, oil-free and healthy skin after washing it off.

10. Gutti Ka Tel Pahadi Local

Indulge in a luxurious affair for your skin with this Apricot Kernel Oil (Gutti Ka Tel), extracted straight from the Himalayas. From stretch marks and joint aches to ageing and lustreless skin, this oil relieves the skin from a variety of concerns. It adds moisture to the skin and restores its natural sheen.

11. Ārem Beauty Dew Stick Highlighter


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Think of a creamy and blended dash of highlight minus the chunky and powdery glitters; that’s exactly how the finish of this product is. You can build the intensity to your liking for a strobed effect.

12. RAS Luxury Oils 24K Gold Radiance Face Elixir

Infused with a blend of beneficial oils, this radiance face oil is truly gold for your skin, as the name suggests. This multipurpose oil can be used as a primer, highlighter, under eye brightener and serum.

13. Plum Goodness E-Luminence So-Smooth Frost Face Mask


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Get your hands on this frost-textured face mask if you’re looking for hydrated and healthy skin this summer. With potent ingredients like vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and watermelon extract, this face mask makes the skin soft and smooth.

14. Purearth Sitara Strobelighter Serum


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Give your face a natural sun-kissed glow by enhancing the high points with this illuminating serum. Wear this universally flattering strobe serum to achieve the summery dewy look.

15. Ruby Organics Smoked Kohl

A good black kajal is a staple in every Indian woman’s beauty kit. This one is free of harmful chemicals, fragrance and silicones. It comes in two shades—black and brown.

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