15 MET GALA Looks From This Year That Hit The Nail Right In Terms Of Execution

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Hello to you too, fresh from the hangover of doom scrolling the gram, drowning in images from this year’s MET. After much hearsay and gossip at yesterday’s lunch, we now have visual proof to either worship our favourites or roast the living hell out of men who turned up in nothing but black tuxedos. The theme being ‘The Gilded Age’ surely did offer ample scope to propel glam into the spotlight given the room to don incredible costumes and pull out the most fly vintage pieces from the archives. About the show, the Lively-Reynold duo was as cute as ever. Miss Wintour- as shrewd as ever. Deepika’s absence was truly missed especially after the rumour of her donning an LV piece came to light. And let’s not forget the surprise proposal at the steps. Truly iconic and best wishes to them! 

So here’s presenting a list of looks we liked, owing to their commitment to honoring the theme and styling successes:

1. Blake Lively

Image Via Getty

She is back. And in true Lively fashion, she matched her dress to the carpet on the stairs, AGAIN. This Versace number references the Chrysler building and it would be a shame to call it just a dress. It’s a performance. This dual blush and cyan peekaboo train moment will definitely go down as one of the most memorable gowns of all time.

2. Emma Chamberlain

Image Via Getty

It’s giving apparel construction assignment at the last minute. But on a serious note, Emma, I’m proud of you. From watching her as a teenager ranting about her life in the car, to seeing her grace the MET in Louis Vuitton and Cartier jewels, she’s truly a huge source of inspiration.

3. Vanessa Hudgens

Image Via Getty

Moschino strikes and we bow with all due respects. The sheer lace, the leg of mutton sleeves, the daring to wear a thong at the MET, the ornate detailing at the bust, words aren’t enough to stress upon the nature of the ultimate serve this look delivered.

4. Nick Jonas & Sophie Turner

Image Via Getty

The preggo couple that slays together, stays together. The ruching on Sophie’s gown and the newly dyed red locks were a sweet addition but it was Mr Jonas’ white mini tailcoat and its lace add on that stole the show in its actuality.

5. Dakota Johnson

Image Via Getty

This custom jumpsuit by Gucci and dare I say the bathrobe ‘ish long jacket were a surprisingly good combination. The velvet complemented the glitz of the underneath piece perfectly and also the fact that Dakota’s charm is hypnotic enough to make a trash bag look good. So, what’s not to like?

6. Kim K & Pete Davidson

Image Via Getty

Kim’s proclivity to conquer, is once again proved by her choice of going with this Marilyn Monroe piece by costumier Jean Louis. Monroe wore it at Mr Kennedy’s birthday back in 62 and hence, Kim’s literally wearing a piece of history. Also, Pete’s lack of sartorial flair is definitely compensated by Kim’s tendency to overdo it at times. So, Mr Pete can chill.

7. Kacey Musgraves

Image Via Getty

May I hear some commotion for the dress? A frequent at eluding from any sort of disappointment at the MET, Kacey once again proved that she’s a force to be reckoned with. With the hand fan and the gloves- finally someone’s paying heed to this year’s theme with actual regards to that era.

8. Billie Eilish

Image Via Getty

Gucci comin’ through with its accurate reminiscing of the Gilded Age’s true fashions with this corset and the satin-draped mini bustle ‘esque skirt below. The sheer sleeves- a welcome addition.

9. Hailey Bieber

Image Via Getty

Hailey went down the YSL route by opting for this silken, side slit gown which is believed to be referencing a similar piece worn by Jenny Hall for a YSL show in the early 2000s.

10. Gigi Hadid

Image Via Getty

Latex, a puffer (a HUGE one), and a corset. And somehow she pulled it off? God definitely has its favourites. This crimson fest was spearheaded by (drumroll please) : Versace and the duo really delivered.

11. Maude Apatow

Image Via Getty

Maude Apatow, she’s an icon. She’s a legend. She is the moment. This Miu Miu goodness complemented her well, but what stole the show are her wavy finger curls and dark lip making her look like she’s straight outta an old Hollywood flick.

12. Kendall Jenner

Image Via Getty

She’s my favourite out of the Kardashian-Jenner clan for reasons that are obvious, requiring no further clarifications. She signified her love for Prada by opting for this gigantic ruffle overdose of a skirt and a sheer bodice topped of with bleached eyebrows. Brownie points for experimenting!

13. Megan Thee Stallion

Image Via Getty

Megan and Moschino delivered and how! The head to toe, golden drippy-drip fared well in terms of aligning seamlessly with Captain Hook’s aesthetics and the overall garish mood of the Gilded Age.

14. Alicia Keys

Image Via Getty

Alicia traversed down a route less chosen through this Ralph Lauren cape dress paying homage to New-York’s skyline. The Gilded Age was monumental in cementing the city’s success and this outfit duly hits that sweet spot to the T.

15. Precious Lee

Image Via Getty

Precious Lee surprised us with this sheer black, corset laden Altuzarra masterpiece coupled with generous servings of glitter, metallics and an outgoing train, we love.

Honourable Mentions:

Natasha Poonawalla

Paloma Elsesser


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Bella Hadid



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