15 Products For A Calming At-Home Spa Experience

at-home spa

We get it. You might be a bit hesitant to head to a spa right now given the present scenario. But who said you can’t create a relaxing spa sesh for yourself at home? Grab some soothing oils, some face yoga tools, refreshing face packs, a beautiful-smelling candle and a robe, switch on some calming music, and you have yourself a spa indoors. Need some product recommendations? We’re here to your rescue! Bookmark this product checklist for a memorable and rejuvenating at-home spa experience. 

1. PHOOL Luxury Incense Sticks – Lavender

Before you start your spa sesh, create that atmosphere at home with the some scented candles, diffusers or incense sticks. Lavender is known to bring about a calming and positive energy. Plus it is a great natural sedative. So if you love a scent that acts a soothing lullaby, set the mood right with Phool’s lavender incense stick.

Price: INR 165

Available on phool.co


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2. Secret Alchemist Tone (Body Massage Oil)

Give your skin some nourishment with an aromatic body oil. Secret Alchemist’s Tone helps to smoothen and nourish your skin with its varied vitamin base. Infused with the potentials of lemongrass, lavender and fennel it aids in better circulation and hence, aids in relaxation–just what you need, right?

Price: INR 999

Available on secretalchemist.com 

3. Arata Hempocado Oil (Hair Oil)

Hemp is the current buzzword in the beauty space, so why not add it to your at-home spa experience? Rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, hemp seed oil serves as a natural conditioner for your strands, whereas avocado oil reduces frizziness and damage. So your strands feel silky and you feel taken care of.

Price: INR 524.25

Available on arata.in


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4. Juicy Chemistry Blood Orange Essential Oil

Treat your skin to some TLC with Juicy Chemistry’s certified organic steam distilled essential oil. This oil is obtained by the steam explosion of orange peel. It is rich in monoterpenes and antioxidants that reduce pain and skin inflammation. Moreover, it’s an instant mood uplifter! 

Price: INR 375

Available on: juicychemistry.com

5. Forest Essentials After Bath Oil Madura Jasmine & Mogra – Bath Oil 

Don’t forget to use a post shower oil. This exceptional water soluble oil is prepared with naturally distilled essential oils in cold-pressed base oils of organically grown herbs, thereby acting as an emollient for firming and toning the skin. And let’s not forget its alluring fragrance of Jasmine & Mogra–therapeutic and aromatic, just how it is at a spa.

Price: INR 1,975 (200 ml) 

Available on forestessentialsindia.com 

at-home spa

6. Simply Nam Sheet mask 

Bid adieu to dull skin and rejuvenate it with a soothing 20 minute facial that will hydrate, moisturise and add a glow to your skin. This 3-layer face sheet mask does just that!

Price: INR 999 (for a pack of 3) 

Available on simplynam.com 

7. The Tea Shelf Japanese Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea

While you relax with your sheet mask, why not sip on some refreshing matcha green tea. Its benefits? It is rich in antioxidants and boosts your energy levels.

Price: INR 255 for 10 grams

Available on theteashelf.com 


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8. Face Rituals Amethyst Face Roller

Love yourself some face tools? The use this jade roller over your sheet mask for some added relaxation. You can also choose to use it after removing your mask. Made with natural amethyst crystals, this face roller is perfect to heal your skin and energise your pores.

Price: INR 3,490

Available on facerituals.com

9. Dot & Key Damask Rose Gel Body Scrub

A spa is incomplete without a good body scrub. And this one from Dot & Key promises to remove all the dead cells to give smooth and supple skin. 

Price: INR 545

Available on dotandkey.com 

at-home spa

10. Love Organically Himalayan Bath Salt

If you have any skin irritation or inflammation, a cleansing bath salt is your best bet. This Himalayan Bath Salt amalgamates Himalayan black and pink salt, lavender oil, epsom salt and lemongrass oil. It is known for removing all the toxins, heal surface wounds and most importantly, all that unwanted negative energy. 

Price: INR 771

Available on loveorganically.in

11. Sebastian Professional Dark Oil Lightweight Mask

Need a luxurious hair mask that’s big on aroma and a good creamy texture? Look no further, just add the Dark Oil Lightweight Mask to your list.

Price: INR 1,800

Available on amazon.in 

12. RAS Luxury Oils Glow Potion Essence Toner – Hydrating & Plumping

Want an after glow dewy mist? This glow potion essence toner will have you looking and feeling like a goddess!

Price: INR 1,090

Available on rasluxuryoils.com 

13. Mystic Valley Daybreak Mango Groves Body Butter 

Moisturising is such an important step for not just a spa but also skincare routine. This body butter gives your skin that much-needed hydration and care. You’ll also love its scent! 

Price: INR 850

Available on: nykaa.com 


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14. Brown Living Hemp Bath Towel

Opt for a towel that is soft yet gives that exfoliating experience. Our pick? Brown Living’s hemp towel.

Price: INR 1,999

Available on brownliving.in 

at-home spa

15. Pinklay Spring Song Waffle Cotton Bath Robe 

There’s no doubt you’ll need to lounge in a bathrobe post your spa sesh. And this cotton robe is light and breathable for your skin to breathe and relax in peace. 

Price: INR 2,599

Available on pinklay.com 

at-home spa

Lead Illustration by Uma Gokhale (Instagram: @83oranges.com_)

Need a playlist that will help you unwind and relax? Check out our curated list of songs that will go perfectly for your at-home spa time.

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