18 Mehndi Designs To Modernise The Traditional Paisley This Festive Season

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For all the modern beauty lovers, God is in the details. The big Eid beauty preparation is no longer just about the hair, makeup and nails—the henna that marks as a punctuating element for every girl is equally important. Gone are the days when girls allowed henna artists to apply the same 20 repetitive designs—today, the girls come with their own Pinterest boards and make sure their individual aesthetic shine, with fun and quirky designs. In case you aren’t a regular mehandi lover ready with a folder of references or even if you’re a busy planning an iftar party, too occupied to decide—we’ve got you covered. Scroll to check 18 contemporary wedding mehndi patterns you should bookmark for the upcoming festive season.

Designs To Suit Every Bride’s Aesthetic –

1. Half and Half

Image via Henna By Yous

If the all-over pattern isn’t your thing, this elegant half-and-half symmetrical design is just right for you.

2. Gradient Vines

Image via Saima

To add depth to your designs, play with dimension, gradient, and line width. A mehndi design with a gradient adds so much more definition.

3. The Floral Squares

Image via Sumayyah

Isn’t symmetry key for some of us? If that’s you. The floral squares are the perfectly balanced mehndi design you can sport.

4. The Classic Mandala

Image via Fiza’s Mehndi

You can never go wrong with the classic mandala—a centric, spaced-out pattern.

5. Inter-Laced Leaves

Image via Ruqayya Aftab

Who wouldn’t adore a clean, floral mehndi design that is easy to make and saves up on time?

6. The Minimalist

Image via Ayesha

Don’t really get the idea of fuller hands? Keep it simple working your way around the fingers.

7. Fuller Geometry

Image via Ruchi Naman Borda

This intricate pattern-focused design is perfect for the bride who is meticulous about every little detail.

8. Experimental Colour

Image via Ruqayya Aftab

The conventional coloured mehndi doesn’t quite amuse you. In that case, you are ought to experiment with coloured henna, one that suits you the best.

9. Asymmetric Floral

Image via Ruqayya Aftab

When abstract is so much more alluring, opt for this unique minimalistic floral design.

10. Pichwai Floral

Image via hennavagabond 

Inspired by the traditional pichwai painting – simplistic outlines with emphasized all-over linear motifs.

11. Geometric Lotus

Image via hennabyshamsa

If you appreciate the single motif trend, try this charming geometric lotus pattern with tiny blossoms.

12. Foliage Borders

Image via henna_alhana

Doing the bare minimum is your style? Go in with linear foliage and wrist mehndi bands.

13. Floral Mandala

Image via MehndiDesigner

Add floral components to the symmetric mandala design. Accentuate the floral design using dots.

14. The Bohemian Bride

Image via hennavagabond 

If you want to go all boho-chic for your whimsical wedding, this is an offbeat must-try design.

15. The Braclet Amulet

Image via hennabyshamsa

The beautiful armor will shield you from any dangers – a combination of floral and geometrical motifs.

16. Geometric Repeat

Image via Neeta Patel

Dotting is in right now. You can combine it with a variety of beautiful ornamental geometric motifs to create the ideal mehndi design.

17. Botanic Leaves

Image via Hennabysaabz

If tiny, minute details aren’t your thing, choose the bolder mehndi design with scaled-up foliage and flowers instead.

18. Spaced Out Floral

Image via Ayesha

An evenly spaced pattern that emphasizes the side of the palms with linear foliage.

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