8 Biggest Beauty Moments of 2022 That Took the Industry by Storm


Still pinching myself while writing this that 2023 is just a few days away! While it seems like 2022 just flew by, it was the year of groundbreaking beauty moments and trends, and we are thankful for that. If I look at the year through the beauty editor’s lens, I’d call it all about experience, experiment, and excitement.

This year, the global beauty industry, brands, and content creators went into overdrive to compensate for the years lost to the pandemic. As a result, we got to experience innovative and science-backed products, an array of product ranges, the rise of homegrown and celeb-owned brands, unique trends, and a few iconic beauty moments that defined the industry in 2022.

As we wrap up the year and look back, I’d pin the following as the most interesting beauty moments of 2022:

Rise of Celebrity Men in Beauty


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While celeb-owned beauty brands aren’t a wide space anymore, thanks to Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ Anomaly and Deepika Padukone’s co-founded 82ºE, the contribution of celeb men in beauty was the highlight of 2022. From Ranveer Singh investing in SUGAR Cosmetics to the likes of Brad Pitt, Travis Barker and Jared Leto launching their skincare lines, beauty and men seemed to be on the same page for the first time.

Minimal Glam


It took us some time to recuperate from the pandemic lull and meanwhile, minimal glam took over. Stepping up from healthy bare skin, chic and soft makeup became a part of our beauty routine. Dewy skin, clean base, flushed cheeks, framed eyes and glossy lips, it was the year of less-is-more in its true sense.

Copper Hair Makeover

2022 brought us back to our stylist’s chair and so, hair trends had to be iconic. Copper and blonde hair were in a tough battle to win the title, but the former did take the big bite. From Sophie Turner to Zendaya, all mainstream celebs followed the trend, and we wish this one continues to thrive in 2023 too.

Glazed Skin and Everything

There is no beauty trend that made it as big on social media as the Glazed Doughnut trend. An overarching one, glazed doughnut skin, nails, and hair made it to the list of most viral trends on social media. Thanks to Hailey Bieber for propelling it further by sporting glazed-doughnut nails at Met Gala 2022 and it was just the beginning of everything glossy.


Of all the skincare terms of 2022, slugging is the most striking and (also) controversial addition to our beauty vocab. While social media influencers vouch for it, experts stay divided on it, and this stir made ‘slugging’ trend. Slugging refers to slathering the skin with an occlusive cream (like Vaseline) at bedtime for it to hold and lock in moisture. It may work for people with dry skin, but it’s still not recommended for oily, and acne-prone skin.

Skin Barrier and Ceramides


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Though we switched to soft glam, healthy skin didn’t go out of trend. Rather, the focus shifted to strengthening the barrier, thanks to the overstimulation of skin and overdose of actives. Repairing the damage became a part of our skincare regime and thus, ceramides entered the chat.

Ceramides are fats that are found in the skin and make up 30 per cent of the outer skin layer. Ceramide-infused products became popular on beauty shelves and were voted as the most beneficial addition to a skincare routine.

Brown Lips Controversy


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One of the most sought-after 90s trends, glossy brown lips made a comeback this year, but it left the internet divided. The trend came on the beauty radar when Hailey Bieber, the starter of many trends, shared ‘Brownie Glazed Lip’ hack with her followers.

The ‘hack’ predominantly belongs to the women of colour who used a dark lip liner in the early 90s to create a nude shade to suit their skin tone because of the lack of one in the market. They were tagged as ‘ghetto’ for doing it which made Hailey’s version problematic and a classic example of double standards in the industry.

Bold Blush Trends


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One of the biggest takeaways from 2022 in terms of makeup is using blush not only as a makeup step but as a tool of expression. The year was all about wearing statement looks with exaggerated blush application. From draped blush to I-am-cold look, blush trends took over the 2022 beauty game.

Beauty Metaverse


The foray of the Indian beauty industry that relies heavily on the concept of look-and-feel was a surprising one. From industry giants like Estée Lauder and L’Oréal setting the precedent, the beauty metaverse excited the audience but couldn’t make a cut for the lack of immersive experience that defines the essence of beauty, especially in India. What fun is it for your avatar to own a Gucci Bloom in place of you physically experiencing it? The big question looming over the industry made beauty metaverse trend for a while but it quickly died down!

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