24 New Beauty Launches To Bring In 2024


The date changing to January does not technically mean the start of a brand new life, despite the chants of ‘new year new me’ taking over the world. We love to start the new year with a new everything. A new dress, a new hobby, a new list of habits we want to develop. And if one is seeking newness, the beauty industry has quite a big platter to serve. Continue reading to find the potential new candidates to grace your vanity this year.

1. French Essence Bloom


Good for everyday use and for your pockets. With base notes of geranium and top notes of bergamot, if floral sophistication that lingers throughout the day is your thing, Bloom needs to be in your dresser.

2. Recode Studios HD Luminous Matte Foundation

Packed with ultra-refined pigments, Recode Studio’s new formula where skincare meets makeup will help you erase blemishes and conceal hyperpigmentation while leaving a matte finish.

3. Moira Dew You & Hydrating Plump Serum Primer

Moira’s new light-weight and fast absorbing serum primers are meant to nourish and illuminate the skin. Ideal to create a perfect canvas for makeup application, indulge in these innovative serums to achieve a dewy complexion that lasts all day.

4. The Love Co. Shades Of Love Body Lotion

For those who value their self-care moments, the lotion leaves a captivating aroma on your skin and complements your natural beauty. Infused with subtle diamond shimmer, the beautifully scented lotion encourages you to embrace each day with grace.

5. Swiss Beauty Holographic Eyeliner

6 mesmerizing shades of the new holographic eye liners will give a quick and easy upgrade to your eye makeup looks. They are intensely pigmented, long lasting and smudge-free.

6. Aqualogica Plump + Pouty Li-pH Glosses


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The most important thing that a gloss needs to be is non-sticky. No one likes getting their hair stuck on their lips. The Aqualogica glosses are non-sticky, light-weight and colour-changing according to your pH. Available in shades Watermelon Slice and Peach Vanilla.

7. The Derma Co’s 4% Urea Deep Moisturising Cream 

A potent combination of actives and ceramides that curb moisture loss and gently sloughs away dead skin cells. This is a dermat-approved cream to say adios to dryness.

8. Huda Beauty Pink Vs Peach Campaign


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The cult-favourite products from Huda get two new shades that could help you understand your undertone better and one new shade for the easy bake products. The new shades swiftly illuminate the under-eye area, counteracting any pigmentation issues. The updated formula enhances brightness while reducing coverage, making it easy to apply.

9. Typsy Beauty Eyebrow Pencil


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Whether you are all for the resurgence of the ultra-thin brows or prefer the feather-y brushed brows, this foldable 2-in-1 eyebrow pencil and spoolie is great to help you achieve your look. The unique tapered oval tip helps to create intricate hair-like strokes and lasts a good 8 hours.

10. Friday Feeling Siriusly Brightening Serum

Your best fighter against signs of hyperpigmentation, while also being gentle on the skin. Powerful actives like niacinamide, licorice extract, vitamin C and tranexamic acid play their part in helping you achieve your brightest skin.

11. Praush Beauty Pout Cushion Lip Oils

Praush Beauty is out with a clear lip oil that acts as a hydrates your lips at night and gives you the perfect juicy pout during the day. The peachy, shimmery lip oil is great for the the perfect plump effect and the pH colour changing lip oil gives you the ideal pink hue.

12. Jo Malone London English Pear & Sweet Pea Cologne

If fruity fragrances are your thing then this cologne by Jo Malone with a base note of white musk, a middle note of sweet pea and a top note of Williams pear could be your next signature scent.

13. Embryolisse Filaderme Emulsion

For folks with dry and sensitive skin, the new lipid-replenishing formula restores the protective lipidic film of the skin to strengthen the skin barrier and nourish the skin. The delicate almond fragrance is the cherry on top.

14. ITC Dermafique Shower Mousse


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A gentle bathing experience is what the product aims to provide. Available in two fragrant variants, they are the go-to hydrating product for your winter routine. Ideally crafted for those with sensitive to normal skin, this features a pH level that is gentle and compatible with the skin.

15. 82°e Body Care Range


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Formulated using their SYMBALANCE™ technology, this distinctive combination of skin-friendly elements effectively regulates the balance between beneficial and harmful bacteria, which fosters optimal skin health, 82°e has launched the first four products of their new body care range. A body milk, body lotion, gel body cleanser and a creme body cleanser.

16. Type Beauty Setting Spray

Featherlight mists that are designed to prime bare skin and set makeup, offering a lasting effect for up to 12 hours. Additionally, they include Korean sunscreen filters for SPF 35 sun protection. They come in three different variants – hydrating, brightening and mattifying.

17. La Mior Adaptive Lip Tints


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Lip nourishing oils like jojoba, almond and rosehip work together to make these weightless, high-shine, non-sticky, long lasting, pH powered colour shifting tints.

18. Nykaa Naturals Rosemary & Niacinamide Hair Care Range


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Crafted with a focus on promoting advanced hair growth, this product works by boosting cellular turnover and improving blood circulation, thanks to its key ingredients – rosemary and naturally derived niacinamide. The range includes a shampoo and a hair mask that work towards addressing all hair concerns.

19. Raw Beauty Wellness Balm Deodorants

The three different fragrances help combat body odour, soothe the skin and last for 6-8 hours. And no, it doesn’t leave any residue on the clothes or the skin.

20. Himaira Dry Body Oil


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A therapeutic oil mist infused with numerous essential and cold-pressed botanical oils, designed to impart a feeling of moisturized, smooth, and supple skin. This lightweight blend, including macadamia, sweet almond, and jojoba seed oil, nourishes and softens the skin while restoring skin cells.

21. ColourPop Cosmetics

Nykaa has brought the California-based high performance, wallet friendly beauty brand to the Indian market. And over 100 must-have products have been introduced to the beauty fans and our makeup routines have never been more vibrant!

22. Make-Up Studio Pre Base

A clear moisturizer enriched with additional Vitamin B and UV-B protection. Primes the skin for foundation application, ensuring a smooth finish and enhanced longevity.

23. Revolution Beauty Candy Haze Ceramide Lip Balm


Infused with ceramides for well-nourished lips and featuring pH-reactive technology that imparts a personalized hint of color in three different shades.

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