26 New Restaurants, Cafes and Bars In India You Need To Have On Your To-Try List


A foodie’s heart is a voyager and its always on the search for the next big thing. From the newest art deco places in Kolkata to tropical haunts in the heart of Goa, we’re here to help with the tough task of making a choice. If you’re looking to spice things up with some novelty, here’s a list of new restaurants, cafes and bars to be on the lookout for all across India.

New Restaurants:


1. Amadeo By Oberoi (BKC)

New Restaurants
Amadeo By Oberoi

Amadeo By Oberoi is a culinary experience you do not want to miss. With four unique counter collections that showcase micro-concepts of Japanese, Chinese, Italian, and Indian cuisines, this interactive experience allows guests to indulge in a culinary concierge service, tailoring their dining experience to their personal preferences.

Fuji San, a Japanese cocktail inspired by the Mount Fuji volcano is a must-have for those with a knack for finer taste. Poised to redefine the dining experience in Mumbai, the Amadeo promises a personalised touch for everyone. From the handmade pasta bar and Japanese sushi and grill to Western Indian specialities, Italian small plates, Chinese wok preparations, and bao buns, Amadeo will definitely leave you spoilt for choice.

2. Affogato (Bandra)

New Restaurants

Looking for an Italian getaway right here in Bandra? We’ve got you covered. A quaint cafe with beautiful earthy tones, Affogato will whisk you away to Florence for a 3-in-1 gelateria experience.


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We recommend trying the authentic gelato that is prepared using imported natural ingredients such as vanilla beans from Madagascar, blueberries from South America, strawberries from Egypt and pistachios from Sicily. Most of the gelato is prepared using imported sugar alcohols; keto-friendly options are also available. And of course, you can’t leave without indulging in what the cafe is known for–it’s affogato!

3. Cray Craft (Andheri East)

Cray Craft

Serene Otomi designs welcome you into the delightful dining experience of Cray Craft. The restaurant boasts of a diverse menu featuring an array of Asian dishes including the tantalising Dynamite Prawns, Crab Croquette, and the irresistibly flavourful Shwarma Chicken Pickle Paprika Pizza.

Cray Craft

We recommend that you try out their special drinks Glitterati and Moon Shine for a fine end to a beautiful evening.

4. Nomi (Andheri West)


Mediterranean dining and 33 years of culinary experience come together at Nomi to satisfy your taste buds. Bright white walls with sunburnt accents perfectly compliment the Rigatoni Sisciliana, a zesty pasta with zucchini, chilies, ricotta, and preserved lemons. Seafood lovers will enjoy the Samak Harra, a spiced fish baked in tomato sauce, served with pickled vegetables and couscous.


Cocktail enthusiasts who appreciate classic mixes will find delight in the signature Sundowner Sip cocktail featuring a dazzling and radiant yellow hue, blending together rose-infused gin, zesty citrus notes, a touch of honey gold sparkle, and topped with a luscious prosecco lecithin foam.

5. Bohoba (Malad)


Bohemian vibes and a fine dining experience rarely go together, but Bohoba has managed to make it happen. The extensive menu features the classic Boho Mezze Platter, Jamaican Spiced Chicken Satay and Chimichurri Veggies Panini.


For the health-conscious, some low-calorie superfoods are also on the menu such as Boho Caesar, Crisp Asian Salad and Quinoa Kale Avocado. Pair your meals with a diverse beverage menu curated by its skilled mixologists, promising an immersive experience for all enthusiasts.

6. Kokum Bar and Lounge (Vasai)


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Specialising in Konkan and Malvani Coastal Cuisine, with a focus on bringing authentic flavours and providing a memorable dining experience, Kokum is the go-to destination for food enthusiasts. The brand is known for its range of authentic coastal preparations using fresh seafood and local ingredients.


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The delectable menu consists of Kulfi kebab, KBL chicken, Lamb Chop and the Dessert for your sweet tooth such as Paan Kulfi or Sizzling brownie to name a few. The bar includes some curated cocktails such as Alaska, Orchid Queen, Mimosa and Malabar cooler.

7. Circle Sixty Nine (Kathiwadi City House, Mumbai)

From the founders behind Masque, Sage & Saffron and TwentySeven Bakehouse comes Circle Sixty Nine with a focus on fresh, seasonal, and local food. The bistro offers a lively vibe just off the busy city street; a perfect segue into the art deco townhouse’s elegant, muted tones and natural surfaces. Dugar and Sangita Kathiwada’s philosophy join together here, where nature, food, and art coalesce with ease and harmony. Expect dishes like Beetroot Orange Salad, Barramundi Ceviche, Tempeh & Sweet Potato Burger, Eggplant Brûlée, Fazzoletti Arrabbiata, and Braised Pork Belly. Fresh and flavourful are at the heart of the kitchen’s ethos. The bistro also offers an eminent wine list.

8. Nom Nom (Bandra)


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Pan Asian cuisine just got better with the relaunch of Nom Nom in Bandra. A fusion of modern and traditional architecture welcomes you the moment you step into the soothing space. A wide variety of salads include Pomelo Salad, Avocado Salad, and Som Tam Salad, while the appetisers feature dishes such as Broccoli in Planta Sauce, Honey Chilli Lotus Root, and Wonton Triangles with Spicy Sauce. Non-vegetarian options such as Phuket Chicken, Prawns in Planta Sauce, among others are must-tries.


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For those who love bold flavours, the Tom Yum Bei with its blend of vodka, sake, lemon grass, galangal, kaffir lime leaf, and bird-eye chilli syrup is a great choice. The Dill-icious combines gin, cucumber, dill leaves, dry vermouth, tonic cordial, and egg white to create a delicate yet complex taste. The Floral Negroni, with its blend of chamomile and elderflower cordial, gin, campari, and extra dry vermouth, is perfect for those who prefer a floral and herbaceous taste.

9. ViVi Bar And Kitchen (Thane)

Vivi Bar

Nestled within the serene ambience of The Thane Club, Vivi is the go-to destination for Italian cuisine lovers and those seeking a memorable night out. The rustic charm and soothing effect of the poolside water instantly puts you at ease. The Italian menu boasts of delicious hand-made pasta like cannelloni and tortellini and live servings of  Tiramisus on the table.

10. Bombay Sweet Shop (Bandra)

Bombay Sweet Shop

What happens when a traditional Mithai shop meets a modern dessert bar? Expect a whimsical wonder in the shape of Bombay Sweet Shop. Its inventive, 100% vegetarian sweets satisfy everything from a mid-day snack to late night cravings.

Customers can choose from Turkish Kunafa Hot Puffs, Rasgulla Tiramisu, Gymkhana Cold Coffee Softie, Caramel Custard Pops, and inventive chaat creations like Dhokla Toasties, Bhutta & Burrata, Avocado Papdi Chaat and so much more! The ‘after-hours’ dessert menu (available after 8 pm) plays with the idea of nostalgia, dishing up plates of delightful desserts like Fancy-Ish Bread Pudding, Not Your Mama’s Malai Toast, Cherry Gola Granita, Raspberry Ice Cream Float, that’ll bring wonder and joy.

Bombay Sweet Shop

An eccentric combination that food lovers must try is the “Chole Bhature” Mezze served with a baked bhatura! The ‘Sweet Shop’ experience is incomplete without an order of Kota’s Famous Kadhi Chaat – crispy-fried Rajasthani-style pyaaz kachoris or piping hot samosas served with roasted pumpkin kadhi, goat cheese raita and kachumber.


11. Bawri (Assagao, Goa)


Bawri brings to you authentic Indian taste fused with contemporary culinary innovations. The age-old methods used at Bawri will leave you tongue-tied, with a menu that transports you to a time long gone. Chef Amninder Sandhu has left no stone unturned in her journey to bring a modern twist to ancient Indian cooking techniques. Bawri’s open-fire cooking equipment and grills add to the experience by letting the true flavours of the food shine through.

12. Howling Wolves (Goa)

What do wolves, food and music have in common? Nothing really, except for the fact that Goa’s newest bar takes its inspiration from the great American Blues, rock and roll along with a spirit that resembles the feeling of staying in a pack like wolves. A heaven for music lovers, the restaurant plays different genres of music on all seven days of the week. The menu is just as diverse as the live solo acts and live karaoke jam sessions that happen at the restaurants.

13. Heliconia (JW Marriot Goa)

Marriott Internation

Heliconia celebrates the fusion of Peruvian and Japanese culinary traditions to present the Nikkei Cuisine. Delicately handcrafted cocktails, such as Roots, created with the roots of coriander, and Full Moon, a secret concoction, are some of the delicious beverages on offer.  Nikkei cuisine takes the delicacy of the Japanese culinary tradition and mixes it with the strong and spicy flavours of Peru.

A specialty of Heliconia is their use of fresh and seasonal ingredients. Guests will have the pleasure of dining on a variety of dishes from Ceviche to Tiradito, from Sushi to Nigiri, from Tacos to grills and from salads to desserts. The signature selections include beautiful creations like Carretillero, Tuna Tataki, Avocado Gunkan, Misoyaki, and Daikon Noodles, all of which take center stage on the menu.


14. Flow-Brew and Dine (Saket)


Home to the longest bar in Delhi, this restaurant has a live sushi and pizza counter along with an on-site microbrewery serving eight distinct beers.

The bar menu also offers a selection of non-alcoholic beverages, such as refreshing cold-pressed juices, specially-crafted iced teas, and Bili Hu coffee brews, to perfectly complement your dining experience.

15. Pincode (Civil Lines, Delhi)

Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapoor is here with a fresh twist to the Indian cuisine. Tucked away in the heart of Delhi, Pincode’s menu is an exciting journey of classic Indian dishes mixed with innovative creations like the Chaat Hummus, Dhokla Chaat, and Falooda. Chef Kunal’s recommendations include the Pressure Cooker Chicken Curry, Malai Prawns, Lamb Seekh Tawa Masala, and the must-try Old Delhi Style Bread Pudding.

Every dish is a burst of flavours and takes you back to the childhood memories of homemade food. With its causal and chic setting, that perfectly mirrors the vibe of Delhi, Pincode offers a refreshing change from conventional dining, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking an authentic and immersive culinary experience.

16. VietNom (Gurugram)

A refreshing take on Vietnamese cuisine, Vietnom is the latest addition to the exciting hub of Gurugram. The green and brown walls, along with the glass work creates a soothing environment that is both welcoming and unique. The subtle Vietnamese vibes are evident in each corner of the space, with raw, rustic and natural details elevating the entire area.

The menu has taken Vietnamese classics and transformed into an array of dishes like the Vietnamese White Rose Dim Sums, Spicy Galangal Chicken Skewers, and Shrimp Mousse on Sugarcane amongst others. The cocktail menu is also well thought of and is segregated in two themes, GOAT- where the cocktails are dedicated to the greatest artists of all time and Vietnamese Signature- where each cocktail is inspired by indigenous ingredients of Vietnam.

17. VietNom (Assagao)

The menu at the Goa restaurant showcases the best of Vietnamese culinary traditions, offering a tantalising array of dishes that are guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning palates. A rustic palette of bamboo, terracotta, and stucco texture invites you to VietNom, now in the valley of flowers, Assagao.

The Soft-Shell Crabs and the comforting Duck Pho capture the essence of Vietnam’s rich heritage. Some must try dishes include the delectable Coconut Kaffir Lime Fried Rice and the indulgent Vietnamese Coffee Basque Cheesecake, providing a delicious blend of sweet and savoury delights. For sweeter pursuits, Vietnamese Coffee Basque Cheesecake, is a warm hug. In addition to the exceptional food offerings, there is an impressive cocktail menu designed to complement the Vietnamese flavours.

18. Habbit (Vasant Vihar)

Habbit is an all-in-one oasis of exquisite cuisine, vibrant music, and a rooftop bar that elevates the spirits. In addition to offering an exceptional dining experience, Habbit doubles as the best party place in town. The lively atmosphere makes it the go-to spot for celebrations, gatherings, and memorable nights out.

19. Taproom By Bira 91 (Gurugram)

Bira 91 has launched its first Taproom in the heart of Delhi NCR at DLF CyberHub, Gurugram. The interiors draw inspiration from the brewing process of beers, dedicating four unique murals each to harvesting, milling, brewing, fermenting, and sipping.

With 16 beers on tap all set to serve as the ultimate destination for craft beer enthusiasts in Delhi, Taproom’s overall aesthetic perfectly embodies creativity. Its ceiling, murals, and lighting represents its distinctive colours and patterns.  The beer destination is all set to introduce Delhi NCR to Make Play Thursdays, where they will release a new beer every week, while actively engaging with consumers to gather feedback, and craft brews that truly resonate with the aspirations of the millennium city.

20. Melt (Delhi-NCR)


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Melt is your perfect spot for a classic Japanese experience that includes stone bowl sizzlers and the expertise of a Michelin-star expat pizza chef. Valrhona chocolate, famous for being the most expensive and rare chocolate in the world is the key ingredient in all the chocolates at Melt. A must try is the mix of Valrhona chocolate and alcohol. Not only this, the exquisite Raspberry Inspiration flavour, a rare and internationally available option adds an extra layer of sophistication to the chocolate creations, leaving guests spellbound.


21. Pangeo (Bengaluru)

At Pangeo, culinary excellence takes the stage, offering visitors with a wide variety of delectable delights. The food selection has been carefully curated to ensure the diners take a global culinary tour across cuisines. A blend of South and North Indian delights, Pan Asian specialties, Continental classics, and Mediterranean favorites, guests can choose from over 150 dishes on the menu. An array of mouthwatering appetisers await, such as the Veg Loaded Wonton and Bang Bang Mushroom for vegetarians. Explore the innovative Haleem Baklava, a savoury twist on beloved filo-layered pastries. For the main course, we recommend the Shahi Gosht Pulao, Crab Meat Rice Bowl, and Cajun Grill Fish Aglio Glass Noodles—a perfect blend of flavours for your palate.

The bar offers a wide variety of expertly made cocktails, hand-selected wines and top-quality spirits. The menu at Pangeo features favorites like the Michelada, Penicillin, French 75, and White Russian, each prepared to perfection. Adding to the allure, Pangeo introduces the pioneering concept of “Cocktail Tree,” which serves six cocktails served together (all different spirits and different flavours).

22. Soley (Bengaluru)


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Bengaluru’s latest addition to the glam European bistros is Soley. An unabashed charm of Europe accompanies the place where those seeking a taste of the Mediterranean can enjoy favourites like Hummus with homemade Pita, complemented by fresh vegetables and tangy feta. Additionally, fans of Italian cuisine will delight in the selection of dishes that will transport you to Europe.


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The timeless goodness of Aglio E Olio and their Spaghetti with Grilled Chicken and Tomato Cream Sauce offers a perfect balance of savoury and creamy flavours. Some more mouthwatering options like Grilled Chicken Thighs with Creamy Mash and Roasted Veggies, and Seared Fish with Chilli Spinach, Poppy Seed, and Caper Butter are sure to leave an impression.

23. The Scene (Bengaluru)

Rest in the open outdoors while enjoying culinary delights at The Scene in JP Nagar. Feast your eyes on the landscaped gardens and water bodies as trained chefs stir up innovative dishes to satisfy your taste buds.

A wide range of continental and multicultural cuisine will leave your senses satisfied all the while guaranteeing the use of locally-sourced ingredients to make your dish healthy and delicious in equal measure. Must-try dishes include the slow cooked Arborio Risotto and the home cooked Ravioli.


24. Hortus (Kochi)


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Hortus is a maximalist fever-dream. It is a bar and lounge with huge ceilings that serve as suspended lights and large-scale, custom-made artworks. A must try dish at the Hortus is their tenderloin steak which is grilled expertly and served with haricot beans, creamy mash and red wine reduction.


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A marvelous art piece, the bar front has been inspired by the Malabar butterfly – the idea of Malabarica or nymph of the Malabar. The antique mirror panels that make up the bar’s backdrop are covered in illuminated fiber panels that have hundreds of hexagonal pieces adhered to them to resemble a honeycomb. An elevated private area adorns the space with pale mustard walls and hand-painted flowers.


25. Little Bit Sober (Kolkata)

If you’re looking for a refreshing escape into the bustling evening experience of Kolkata, Little Bit Sober is just the place for you. The menu takes you on a journey diving  through the vibrant flavours of Bengal. A fun little quirk of the Bar is the debut menu named the ‘Poet Edition’, where all cocktails are described with a poem. Cocktail connoisseurs won’t be disappointed with the Lebu Strawberry, a twist on New York sour, where bourbon is shaken with ‘Kagji lebu’, and indigenous lime from Bengal is topped with signature Shiraz foam.

While using largely muted colours, the bar stands out with its jazzy electric-blue hand painted surface. A favourite item off the menu is the BBQ Beijing Lamb which is an eccentric combination of caraway seeds and chilli lamb skewer, inspired from the street side skewers from Xinjiang region of China.

26. AMPM (Kolkata)

A new cafe and bar is here to give you cherished memories. By day, AMPM Calcutta is a refined coffee bar, where guests can bask in the warm embrace of an al-fresco balcony while savouring their range of organic single-origin coffee. As twilight descends, it turns into a lively cocktail bar, catering to the bustling nightlife of Calcutta.

The vintage charm of AMPM Calcutta borrows inspiration from traditional Irish clubs with handpicked old-world artefacts and an extensive collection of books that will teleport you to simpler times. The coffee, cultivated beneath the shade of natural forests and a globally inspired tapas menu showcases flavours unearthed from the depths of India’s diverse regions.

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