3 Books To Read If You Miss ‘You’


What is it about Joe Goldberg that has us captivated? The romantic travails of this indie bookstore salesman, who is charming (dangerous), loving (controlling), and loyal (secretive) towards his ladies has us deeply invested in his search for his next love (victim). The brilliant acting by Penn Badgely aside, its the break from the rose tinted rom-com we are usually served without distinct. Romance between two sexy people, which takes a dark turn is always going to draw in crowds because we want to know how it will end, and usually, love doesn’t win.

So, while you wait for season 4 to drop, here are some thrilling psychological books that you can read while Joe brushes up on his French speaking skills. 

1. The Obsession by Jesse Q. Sutanto: Logan is struggling to move on from the death of Sophie, his love, that is until he bumps into Delilah, a new senior at school, who bears more than just a strong resemblance to his dead girlfriend. Feeling elated, Logan begins to stalk Delilah online and in real life; he has a hidden camera pointed right at her house. Delilah, crumbling under the abusive nature of her stepfather, kills him one night, and Logan is the only witness. Delilah’s equation with Logan takes a dark twist when he approaches her, threatening to expose her secret if she doesn’t acquiesce with his requests. As their relationship progresses and Logan’s hold over Delilah tightens, both descend into a complex game of emotions and manipulations until Delilah, tired of being the victim in Logan’s fantasy, decides that if Logan won’t let her go, and then he must go. A suspenseful page turner about a relationship twisted by obsession. you

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2. Creep by Jennifer Hillier: Professor Sheila Tao knows that her three-month torrid fling with her TA Ethan Wolfe must come to an end soon. She is engaged to a kind and loving fiancé, who loves and adores her. So, when she attempts to end the affair, she is shocked to discover that Ethan won’t let her go away easily. He threatens to release an intimate video of theirs and reveal all her secrets damaging her professional and personal life. As Sheila moves to counter his threats, a female student is found stabbed to death. The stakes are now raised, and Sheila horrifyingly realises that the man who she knew as her lover, is an unknown dangerous monster, who will not let her leave him.

     Image via: Pocket Books

3. The Loneliest Girl In The Universe by Lauren James: For 5 years, 16-year-old Romy Silvers is the lone crew member of the NASA spaceship Infinity. An onboard accident killed her parents and other crew members. All alone in space, life is isolated for Romy even though she spends her days reading romance novels, writing fan fiction, and listening to the monthly audio messages from Molly, her therapist on Earth. So, when Romy receives news that a nearby spaceship is heading towards her, she is elated at the prospect of company. Unbeknownst to Romy, the traveller isn’t visiting her out of kindness or companionship, but rather for revenge. Remember, no one can you hear you scream in space.

      Image via: HarperTeen

And, if you are still hung up on Joe ‘darling I’m nightmare, dressed like a daydream’ Goldberg, then I suggest you read up on Caroline Kepnes books, on which the series are based off in this order — YouHidden Bodies, followed by You Love Me.


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